Friday, August 18, 2017

New Pup...Bandit Boy Hohneke

We lost Bear on July 19th around 5:30 pm.  Dad and I moped around all day Thursday and Thursday night he decided he couldn't go another night without an aussie in the house.  Of course, wait lists around the area were full and prices were outrageous. So I did some more research throughout the night and go a hold of a guy in southern Missouri.  They had one pup left, named Tom, he was about 13 weeks old and a real great dog.  I asked if we could drive down and get him the next day.

Dad and I headed to Missouri, 5 hours, and picked up good old Tom.  Dad decided to change his name to Bandit so I call him, Bandit Boy Hohneke.  He has fit right into our crazy busy family and is getting along great with June Lee!  Bandit and Grady have a great relationship and Grady adores him! He will run in my dad's backyard with him and play with him and just love on him.  Dad recently started taking him to classes and is having a great time teaching him.  He went to the vet last week and is up past 30 lbs...the vet said he is going to be a big boy!! No one will ever replace our sweet Bear but we sure do love Bandit!

WARNING: picture overload below!!

first time meeting and best friends already!

drop the corn cob Bandit!!

after not seeing each other for 4 days!

after I gave him a bath...he wasn't very happy with me!

Grady got in trouble so Bandit came to rescue him!

time to wake up Grady!!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

2017 State Fair

This past weekend my dad, Grady, and I headed to the fair.  We had bought discounted tickets earlier in the week and thought Saturday would be a good day to go.  We got there around 10:00 am and the first thing we did was to ride the Big Slide.  Grady LOVES slides and has since he was a baby; so every time we see a big slide we have to go down.  See the video below!

We met up with my brother, Dustin and his wife Shelby about eleven and looked at all the tractors/lawn mowers/combines/etc.  I think that was the highlight of Grady's day...he could have spent HOURS looking but we finally got him interested in seeing other things.  We headed to Diamond Jacks for some lunch and to sit and relax for a little bit.  Once we left there we walked through the Varied Industries building, went to the Little Hands on the Farm, looked at the baby animals, and then back to Diamond Jacks to meet Scooter and Lexi. Grady and I rode the Sky Glide while Dad, Lexi, and Scoot got some food.  Once we were done we met them at Diamond Jacks so Grady could get something to eat; while there we listened to some live music and Dad and Grady did some dacing! We had a great day and once Grady got in the truck he was out like a light!