Monday, September 18, 2017

My Toddler Experiencing/Processing Death

Grady has experienced too much loss in his short four years of life.  The last two years he has lost my mom, his baby brother Mason, and our family dog Bear.  Grady has experienced another sort of loss, that I won't get into, but he has basically lost four people in his life within the last two years.  That is a lot for a toddler to take in.

I'm not sure how is it processing it all but I think some days/weeks it really takes a toll on him.  This last week has been rather tough.  We try to openly talk to him about everything.  We believe that my mom, Mason, and Bear are all in heaven and that we will see them again some day.  We try to reiterate this to Grady but I know that it isn't something that he fully understands.  It helps that he goes to a Christian school and we have been attending church every Sunday, so he gets the concept of heaven. This last week he has been very sad about the loss of our family dog, Bear.  We lost him in July (close to a month after losing his baby brother Mason).  My dad and I had to take Grady with us to the vet because no one else was home to watch Grady.  So he was there and basically watched Bear die.  I feel terrible that he has to experience that and I'm just at a loss for words on what to say to him.  Last night he came home and found a picture of Bear and immediately started crying.  I asked him if he wanted me to take the pictures down and he said 'No' that he wanted more pictures of Bear throughout the house.  Death and grieving is so hard for me to deal with as an adult and I can't imagine what he little mind is going through.  I don't want him to be scarred for life with all of this loss.

Have any of you dealt with this with your toddler or do you have any suggestions?  I hate to see my child hurting and sad and I really honestly just don't know what else I can do.

Friday, August 25, 2017

First Day of 3 Day Preschool

Wednesday was Grady's first day of three day preschool.  I was very anxious the night before about him starting school again; I'm not sure why he did great last year.  So I didn't sleep that well but in the morning I went in and he jumped right up and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth.  He was very cooperative about getting ready and getting breakfast...I think he was excited for school.

We took some photos outside and then he wanted to take some with Bandit, Beeba, and Uncle Scooter so he rode his bike down and we took some more pictures.  We headed over to school and he walked into his classroom, got a little shy, but went to sit down at his desk and started playing with some toys.  Jesse and I both gave him hugs and kisses and we were on our way...complete opposite from last year.  Jesse was proud of us for not crying at all...LOL.

Dad and I headed over around 11:20 am to pick him up from school, he came running out with a big smile on his face and said he had a great day.  I told him he could pick where he wanted to have lunch so he chose Subway.  We ate and then headed to daycare for the rest of the day.  I hope the rest of the school year goes this smoothly!

I hope all the kiddos out there had a great first day...I LOVED seeing all the pictures on Facebook and Instagram! Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Grady - 4 Year Check Up

Last week Grady had his four year checkup.  I always have mixed feelings about these checkups.  I'm always anxious to see where he is at on the growth chart but it just means another year has gone by and that makes me sad.  This year I made my dad go with us because I knew Grady would be getting shots.  I didn't discuss this with Grady at all because I didn't want him to be sad/scared so he didn't know until he was laying down on the table and they poked him in both legs.  He cried a little and then I cried because he was crying...we were a hot mess!  The Dr. checked him over and while he is still pretty small for his age (still only about 12% for height and weight) she has no concerns...she thinks he will eventually catch up.

Grady continues to be his ornery self!  We've moved out of the threenager stage (thank GOD!); last year was a tough year.  Grady is very opinionated, very busy and active, and also has such a kind heart.  He continues to LOVE tractors and trucks, riding his four-wheeler, and getting a little screen time watching youtube kids when he gets the chance.  His favorite food is besketti (spaghetti) and fruit (any kind).  He tries our patience almost daily and he acts just like his Uncle Scooter did when he was four.  He has become such a dare devil and has no fear (which scares his mommy).  Seeing him with other babies (at daycare) breaks my heart.  I hope that we are able to give him a sibling some day because he will be the BEST big brother ever.  He and Bandit (my dad's new pup) get along great and are new partners in crime.  Grady will run the backyard with him for hours and they also play in the little pool together too.  This crazy kid NEVER sits still and LOVES to be outside.  This last weekend I wasn't feeling well and Jesse was doing some painting inside so Grady had to stay inside and he wasn't happy.  After I rested for a while I ended up taking him outside and he was in heaven...I'm not sure what we are going to do this winter! Grady has really taken a liking to listening to the radio.  His favorite song is, 'Ain't My Fault' by Brothers Osborne; when we listen to it, it has to be on repeat!!  He LOVES to be praised when he does a good job and gets easily embarrassed if he gets in trouble. Disciplining him has always been hard because timeouts just don't do much and taking away toys he doesn't really care about.  The two things that have been working for discipline is taking away the iPad and his bike.  Overall, he is a great kid and I'm so lucky to have him as my son.  He tests me but also has a heart of gold and has helped me grieve the losses we have endured the last two years.  I'm thankful God let me be his mommy.  I love you to the moon sweet boy!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

New Pup...Bandit Boy Hohneke

We lost Bear on July 19th around 5:30 pm.  Dad and I moped around all day Thursday and Thursday night he decided he couldn't go another night without an aussie in the house.  Of course, wait lists around the area were full and prices were outrageous. So I did some more research throughout the night and go a hold of a guy in southern Missouri.  They had one pup left, named Tom, he was about 13 weeks old and a real great dog.  I asked if we could drive down and get him the next day.

Dad and I headed to Missouri, 5 hours, and picked up good old Tom.  Dad decided to change his name to Bandit so I call him, Bandit Boy Hohneke.  He has fit right into our crazy busy family and is getting along great with June Lee!  Bandit and Grady have a great relationship and Grady adores him! He will run in my dad's backyard with him and play with him and just love on him.  Dad recently started taking him to classes and is having a great time teaching him.  He went to the vet last week and is up past 30 lbs...the vet said he is going to be a big boy!! No one will ever replace our sweet Bear but we sure do love Bandit!

WARNING: picture overload below!!

first time meeting and best friends already!

drop the corn cob Bandit!!

after not seeing each other for 4 days!

after I gave him a bath...he wasn't very happy with me!

Grady got in trouble so Bandit came to rescue him!

time to wake up Grady!!