Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

What an amazing Christmas we had this year.  This was probably the most excited I had been for Christmas since I was a little kid.  I was so anxious for Grady to experience Christmas and he loved every minute of it!  Christmas Eve we went to my in-laws around 11 am to open presents with my niece (she wouldn't be with us on Christmas).  We had lunch and watched her open her gifts from everyone and Grady got to open one gift.  He loves opening presents and it was so much fun to watch.  We headed home around 1 pm so that Grady could get a nap before the 5:00 church service.  Before we headed to church Grady got to open his last Advent present.  He received a mini magna- doodle to take to church and new Christmas pajamas to wear to bed.  We also decided that on Christmas Eve we are going to open our stockings.  Grady got some bath crayons, mini Vanilla wafers (his favorite), and some other random things I found.  Grady did okay during church, he didn't want to sit still and trying to keep him entertained was a chore!  Him and I mostly stood outside and listened as he did not want to sit still!  The lighting of the candles was my favorite part and Grady's as well (we had candles and he had a glow stick).  After church we headed out to find something for dinner....not many places were open so we ordered from Pizza Hut.  Next year we are going to start a Christmas Eve tradition to keep up entertained and to give Grady something to do.  We headed to bed early because we knew we would have a long and exciting day!

Christmas morning I woke up around 7 to get ready and make sure that Santa had showed up.  We let Grady get up and have a little breakfast before we opened gifts.  Once he saw the stuff on the fireplace he ran over to check it was too cute.  Grady got a Radio Flyer wagon, a ABC puzzle and some blocks from Santa.  As I have mentioned before I went overboard this year so Grady got tons!  Some things he did receive were a pair of Olaf pajamas (he LOVES Olaf), Little Tikes Garden Center (which he loves), some Melissa & Doug Disney Puzzles, and the VTech Chomp and Count Dino.   He loved sitting down and opening all of his gifts and it was such a joy to watch him get so excited about everything.  We headed back over to my in-laws around 9:30 am to open gifts over there and to have breakfast (egg bake).  Grady got a John Deere buggy from Santa at grandma and papa Lukenbill's.  It's going to stay at their house as we have tons of ride on toys!  By this point Grady was over unwrapping presents and just wanted to play so I did most of the unwrapping.  He got tons of toys and puzzles that will keep him busy for hours! He also received the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair which is just his size.  He loves it and sits in it all the time! We headed back home around 1 pm to put Grady down for a nap because we would be going to my parents for dinner and presents around 4 pm. We headed to my parents after Grady's nap and opened presents.  Grady ran to his new John Deere dump truck (from Santa)!  He loves to push things around the house so it is perfect for him.  He opened one present, loved it, and then was done!  Ashlyn (Scooter's girlfriend) got Grady a light up Fafa (Olaf).  He absolutely loves it!  He bites his nose and carries him around everywhere!  He got a new Dodge truck from Guncle and Aunt Shelby, Go Go Smart Animals Zoo, and many other things to keep him busy! 
helping Baloo open his present
he loves Fafa
guncle hugging Fafa
Scooter made Ashlyn a camo tie blanket!
bampa what's on your head?
pushing Fafa in his dump truck
what's in my stocking?
New chair!
he figured out how to turn the lights on and off
whatcha doing Joaquin?
Scooter testing out his new deer stand
running to his John Deere dump truck!
Christmas morning...wasn't quite ready for a picture!
hanging out with Guncle Christmas night

We had an amazing Christmas and were all spoiled.  This was by far my favorite year and Christmas is so much better with kids.  Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and have a safe and Happy New year! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

It's Almost Here!

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and I can't believe Christmas is just a few days away!  We had a pretty good weekend but it was busy.  Jesse wasn't feeling well again most of the weekend so he missed out on the activities.

Friday night when I got home from getting Grady we packed up his diaper bag and headed out to Jolly Holiday Lights with my parents.  I thought Grady would enjoy it more but I think he is still a little to young.  He liked the first five minutes then he was done!  Although I did let him sit on Bampa's lap so he was excited about that.  After Jolly Holiday Lights we ran to the mall to do some last minute shopping.  The mall was packed but I was able to scratch a few more things on my list.  Grady did great at the mall and sat in his umbrella stroller and people watched.  We went to Applebee's for dinner and then headed home.  Grady didn't get to bed until about 10:30 pm Friday night but he still woke up at 8 on Saturday morning.

Since Grady was up early on Saturday I got up with him and we headed to Bass Pro. I wanted to finish my shopping and I wanted to take another stab at Santa with Grady.  Well I got my shopping done but Santa attempt # 2 was a complete fail.  Grady loves Santa from far away but if you are within 3 feet of him he is not a fan (maybe next year).  Grady loved Bass Pro. he loved looking at the animals, loved the fish aquarium, and loved watching my dad do the shooting game.   We got home right at nap time so Grady went down for a few hours while I started my yearly baking.  Saturday night just hung out at home and enjoyed some down time.  Baloo and Grady were very ornery all night and getting into all sorts of trouble but I guess you'll have those nights every once in a while!
hi fishy
watching bampa shoot
Santa fail
right before we saw Santa
Sunday we all slept in and enjoyed every minute of it.  Jesse and I ate breakfast in peace while Grady slept and we finally had to wake him up at 10 am.  I knew he was tired but was a little worried because he never sleeps this late.  When Jesse brought Grady downstairs he didn't look like he felt well.  He was shaking a little bit and said he was cold so I wrapped him in a blanket and checked his temp.  He had a low grade fever so I decided to take him to the Dr. after his breakfast and get himself and myself checked out (I have been battling a sore throat).  So Grady and I headed to the Dr around 11 am and found out that we both have a virus so basically just rest!  We got home right around 1 (yes, the Dr was packed and people were standing in the waiting room) and so Grady went down for a nap.  He did so well waiting for so long at the Dr.'s office but was very tired by the time we got home.  While Grady was napping I did a little more baking and watched some Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel!  Sunday night we went to my parents so I could help Scooter with a few things and then came home and went to bed.
being silly at the Dr.'s office
waiting patiently
getting very sleepy at the Dr.
I'm excited for Christmas and I know Grady will have so much fun and be so spoiled.  Hope you all have a great week!