Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Deck Staining

So as I have mentioned in previous posts we always have some sort of project going on in our house.  We knew when we decided to move back to Indianola that we weren't going to be able to build a house or get everything that we wanted for the price range that we were in.  So while looking we were focused on the "bones" of the house knowing that we could always upgrade to what we liked.  We have lived in our house for a little over 2 years and have done quite a few cosmetic improvements however, we still have quite a bit more to do on our list.  Our big fall project was to get the deck stained.  We managed to get it done in one weekend but it was a lot of work and more money than we anticipated.  Thankfully my parents were able to help us so it went a little faster.  The before and after pictures are below and I love how it turned out.

Our every expanding list includes: painting the fireplace white and all the trim and baseboards in the house.  We know this is going to take a while so we are going to focus on one room at a time.  Jesse and I have always loved white woodwork and we think it will completely transform our house.  We have wood floors so we feel like everywhere you look is wood, which makes the house seem "dark" and I like the feel of a "bright" house.  We are hoping to get our front family room done before Christmas.  Other items on our "winter" list include, painting a chalkboard wall in Grady's playroom, cleaning/organizing the basement so that we can start finishing it, and create a bigger opening in our crawl space so that you can actually get in there.  A lot of the stuff we will put on our Christmas list will be gift cards so that we can buy 2x4's, drywall, and insulation. 

Of course, I couldn't sign off before posting a picture of my little guy.  I was helping my dad last night while Grady and my husband ate dinner.  So when I was ready to sit down for dinner Grady had to sit right under my bar stool so that he could see me.  Mama's boy?  I think so!  But I know my days are limited of him loving mama so much so I'll take full advantage.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Pumpkin Patch...

I'm back!! This week was pretty uneventful with the exception of this weekend.  Friday night was Football Friday but Scooter had a severe throat infection so he didn't play.  He did go and stand on the sidelines and cheer on his team.  Unfortunately, Indianola lost to Urbandale.  So Friday we just hung out and went to bed early! (picture overload below)

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Log Cabin Day parade.  Grady absolutely LOVES parades and had a great time listening to the band, looking at the tractors, and barking at the horses.  By the time we got home from the parade is was lunch time and then a nap for Grady.  While Jesse watched the Hawks win and listened for Grady during his nap I decided to take advantage and my mom and I went to Log Cabin Days out at the fairgrounds.  There was a lot going on out there and it was fun to walk through and see all the vendors.  We bought a few things then we decided we would go to lunch and watch some of the Hawkeye.
When we got home Jesse, Grady, and I headed to Center Grove Orchard to pick out a pumpkin and have some fun.  This is a new orchard that we hadn't been to before but I had heard some great things about it.  We met my in-laws, little sister-in-law, and niece and nephew there. They had so many things to do for bigger kids and smaller kids (Grady was still too young to do most) but he had so much fun anyway.  Right away we took Grady to feed the goats.  He wasn't too thrilled but thought they were funny!  We then walked around for a while and headed to grab a snack.  Jesse and I decided to split a apple cider slushy.  Well, Grady wanted some so Jesse went to grab another one (he is learning quickly that if the baby wants something he's better off to get another)!  Grady probably drank half of the apple cider slushy (no sugar right?!)  So once we got our snacks and drinks we headed off to get on the wagon for a tractor ride.  Our first stop was the apple orchard but we decided we didn't want to pick any.  It was a type of apple neither of us had so we jumped back on the tractor and went down to the pumpkin patch.  WOW!  There were tons of pumpkins and a huge field full of them.  We grabbed a small one for Grady to take home and he had such a great time walking around and trying to pick up his pumpkin.  When we headed back from the pumpkin patch everyone else had to leave so Jesse and I decided to stay a little longer to let Grady run off some more energy.  I ended up taking him down this ginormous slide and he ABSOLUTELY loved it!! I got it on video so check out my Instagram page (it's private so ask to follow).  I think he could've gone down a million times but the hill to get back up was treacherous.  Jesse took him in this hay maze for little kids and Grady just ran around and laughed.  He loved standing on the hay bails and thought he was pretty cool.


We got home around 7 Saturday night and Jesse started mowing and Grady and I headed down to see my family (they were all at my parents helping Scooter fix Susan (his truck)). We stayed there for a while and chatted then headed home where we both went to bed.  Sunday morning we slept in and just pretty much lounged most of the day.  Jesse watched football and helped carry up a bunch of Grady's totes that had his old clothes in it.  I'm sorting through his old clothes so that I can have a 1 year quilt made of all of my favorite outfits that Grady has worn this last year.  I got through all of them last night so now I just need to put a bunch in the crawl space.

Our goal is to get the basement organized so that we can store Grady's outdoor toys in the basement; so that I can park in the garage!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great Monday!
Grady thought it was really funny to run around with the hamper on his head and "growl" at us!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Crazy Weekend...

Wow!  I cannot believe how fast and busy this last weekend was.  I had quite the list of things to do this weekend and didn't cross off one of them!  However, we did get our big fall project done!!!

Friday night was the big Homecoming football game against Ottumwa.  The game was very hard to watch until the last 6 minutes.  I'm not sure if the boys and coaches were nervous but it just didn't look like them out on the field and they just didn't seem "into" it.  So with 6 minutes left we were behind 7-23 and we tied the game 23-23 at the end of regulation play.  The first OT resulted in us playing offense first and we ended kicking a field goal.  Our defense played great and held Ottumwa to a field goal as well.  So with the second OT we were on defense first and forced an Ottumwa fumble and then we ended up scoring a touchdown and won the game.  It was a very exciting ending (enough to give you a heart attack).  As the game was going on I told my mom that I would much rather be playing in a close game like that than watching!  Here is a link if you want to read the article from the Ottumwa Courier.  Indians WIN!!
Look close and you can see dad with his arms in the air!! 

Jesse was planning on staining the deck on Saturday but it rained and we had to wait for it to dry out; so we spent most of our Saturday watching the Hawks WIN and entertaining Grady.  Ashlyn (Scooter's girlfriend) came over Saturday afternoon so that Shelby could do her hair for the Homecoming dance.  It turned out great and Scoot and Ashlyn headed out to Huhot for dinner and then the dance.  We got a few pictures of both of them and then a few with Grady! 

Baloo is photo bombing

this picture cracks me up...Grady's laugh and the way Scoot is looking at him is priceless!                                        

We ended up going to my parents to grill out and relax the rest of the night with some Moscow Mules (my drink of choice), beer, and margaritas!  Grady is obsessed with Dustin's phone because he has the "moo-moo' (music) on it.  So every time he sees Dustin he has to have the music on and walks around with the phone!  I caught a picture of Dustin sitting next to Grady on the step.  It's too cute!  Grady's new word is 'guncle' (uncle) and he loves to yell 'bampa' (Grandpa).  He also really loves to give kisses with his binky in his mouth, is learning how to blow kisses, and likes to wave 'bye-bye' and 'night-night'.
Grady & his "Guncle" listening to music
Sunday, Jesse was up bright and early and started working on staining the deck (I'll get the after photo tonight).  Grady and I went to Des Moines to grab a few things and then came back to put him down for a nap so that I could help with staining.  My mom and dad helped as well and we ended up getting the whole deck done around 6:30 pm. It looks amazing and I'm glad we can cross that off our long list of home improvements!
Grady and his 'baby' pumpkin

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Leaves Are Changing...

I was outside yesterday and noticed that are trees are changing already!  It seems early but the weather hasn't been normal.  I love Iowa fall weather!  Sweatshirts and jeans are my favorite and I love the changing colors!!

This was another busy week as it was Jesse's birthday on Sunday and it was Indianola's Homecoming week.  We celebrated Jesse's birthday Sunday with dinner with the family.  I managed to get one picture of Grady with Jesse (both looking at the camera) and also got some of Grady helping daddy open his gifts.

The rest of this week has been super busy.  Jesse has been going to work early, meaning I had to get up earlier, and it was super busy at my work as well.  So I recently bought Grady some magnetic fabric letters to put on the back of our door (they don't stick to our stainless steel fridge).  He loves them and likes to take them off and "stick" them back on! 

Recently Grady has been going to the cupboard and has been wanting to pick out his own snacks or he'll want to choose something out of the fridge.  So Wednesday night when we got home my mom stopped by and Grady wanted some yogurt.  He took it to the front door and sat down for a snack.  He is so silly! 
 Wednesday night was pretty low key and we grilled out.  While we were outside Grady heard a "boon" (balloon) but we couldn't see it.  I took Grady out front and we walked down to my parents house to find the "boon".  
Thursday night was the Homecoming Parade.  Grady had a lot of fun watching/dancing to the band, getting candy, and just watching everyone!  He hit the candy jackpot!!

Tonight is the big Homecoming game and tomorrow night is the dance.  I'm sure the rest of this weekend will be busy as well.  Have a great weekend and Go Indians (#40)!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Small Town Fun

Another busy weekend at the Lukenbill household.  Friday night was the first home football game.  Scooter played great, rushed for over 100 yards, and the Indians WON!!!  We ended up taking Grady to the game for a while.  He did "OK" for about an hour and then it was time for him to go. He enjoyed a pickle at the game and was very excited when the band started to play.  During the national anthem he would sway back and forth and then after the players ran out on the field and the band started playing the Indianola Fight Song he started to bounce up and down, it was too cute!!  

eating a pickle
rainbow...grandma and grandpa watching the game from heaven
 Saturday morning we ran to Buckeye to drop off some fabric so that a lady we know could make Grady's costume.  Buckeye holds a special place in my heart and it always will.  My mom grew up in the small (population of around 100) town and I spent a lot of my childhood there.  It has a co-op, a pop machine (this was a big deal), a park, and my grandma was the mayor for many years.  It's a great place to call home and you know everyone in town and it's a very tight knit community. 


We sold my grandparents house last fall because my parents just couldn't keep up with the cost and upkeep it takes to run a second house.  It's been very hard to go to Buckeye and see someone else living in the house that holds so many dear memories. I'm trying to get past that but I think it will always be hard.  While in Buckeye we stopped by the park so Grady could run off some steam.  He went down the slides, played on these spring things (not sure what they're called but he loved them), and waved to the train.  There are a few things around town that we had done with my grandparents passed away.  There is a bench that says in memory of Gene & Sandy; so we had to get a picture of Grady sitting on it.  We also stopped out to see my Great Uncle Roger and Great Aunt Shirley.  They live out at the farm where my Grandpa grew up as a kid.  So we talked to them for a while and Bear, Grady, and I took his wagon out by the wetlands.  Bear loves the farm and just likes to roam and run.  We stopped by the cemetery on the way out of town to put up a new fall wreath for grandma and grandpa.  Some might think its weird but I always take pictures when we are out there.  Grady was very interested in the stone and liked to touch it and climb on it. 

We headed home to watch the Iowa game; we should've just stayed because the Hawks lost :(

Sunday was Jesse's birthday so we went to breakfast in the morning, cleaned the house when we got home, and then had everyone over for dinner.  Going out to eat anymore is hard work with a 14 month old so we stay home a lot!  Our dinner was great and we had way too much food, as usual.  Jesse had a great birthday and we had a great family weekend!  Hope everyone has a great Monday!

This week is homecoming week so it will be busy!  I have to help Scooter find a tie for Saturday and the Homecoming Parade is Thursday, so we will take Grady to that!