Friday, October 31, 2014

No More Football Friday...

Well the Indianola Football season came to a close on Wednesday night.  We made it to playoffs (great job boys) but had to play Dowling.  They were a very good team but the boys played hard.  I was able to get a few pictures on Wednesday night and Scooter was able to smile!  I'm not sure what our Friday nights will look like now (until next season).
Thursday night was Indianola's Beggars Night (trick-or-treat).  Grady was a monster (who looked like Sully) and Baloo was Tigger (he wasn't happy).  It was so funny to put Baloo in the costume; he would just stand still like he couldn't move.  It was hilarious!!  Grady was confused that Baloo magically grew a tail and would keep going over there and pull his Tigger tail and then give Baloo a big hug.
I think I was more excited than Grady to go trick or treating but we had so much fun.  We stopped by my in-laws first and Grady got a few goodies and some candy there.  Then we headed back to our house to do the trick or treating.  We would walk up to each house and they would let him pick his candy, he always went for the Reese's peanut butter cups (good choice)!  We cam home and my parents and Dustin and Shelby stopped by.  Grady was full of it so he was running around like a crazy kid.  Clearly he had too much sugar between daycare and home. 
at daycare and not happy with having to put his costume on
painting a craft at daycare
halloween bucket from mommy and daddy
mommy may have gone a little overboard!
halloween bucket from grandma & Papa
Not too much going on this weekend.  Mom and I are going to go to a craft show in Ankeny and Jesse and my dad are going to cut the hole bigger to the crawl space.  I need to clean, do laundry, and go to the grocery store.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!
2013 Halloween

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jesse & Calie: Part 3

In honor of throwback Thursday I thought I would tell the story of Jesse and I.  About my first time seeing him, dating, dances, engagement, and eventually marriage.  I'm not sure how many parts there will be to but a new part will occur each Thursday.  Just an FYI our story is corny, long, dramatic, some of it is cliche, but it is our love story. 

Valentine's Day

After we had our first date in January we continued to talk during class and hang out on the weekends.  Valentine's Day was approaching quickly and Jesse asked if I wanted to go to dinner and watch a movie at his house.  It was Valentine's Day 2001 and he took me to Sports Page for dinner and then we headed back to his house to watch a movie.  While at his house we decided to exchange the gifts that we had gotten each other.  When it was my turn he gave me a teddy bear that had 2001 on the paw and there was a little heart card attached to the bear's ear.  The cute little card said, "Be mine for a long time.  Go out with me".  (He's probably going to kill me for putting this on my blog).  Of course I said YES and we have been together ever since (a few hiccups along the way but always came back to one another).

I still have the card that was on the bear's ear as well as the bear!  He got me the same bear in 2011 (it just had 2011 on his paw).  I'll try to find some old photos as well.

Happy Beggars Night!  I'm excited to take Grady out tonight for trick-or-treating!! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Grady's Baptism & Early Halloween Fun

FYI...picture overload again!!

As most of you are aware for the last few months football has consumed our Friday nights.  This week was no different but it was the last regular season football game.  We played Marshalltown and played a great game and won.  We found out that we play Dowling on Wednesday night (booo!!).  I'm happy that the boys made it to playoffs and any team can have a off night so I hope they go in and play their hardest. Go #40!
The rest of the weekend was complete chaos (something I love/hate).  I love to be busy and have fun on the weekends and do as much family stuff as possible but I really need to do a deep clean and organization of our house.  I know that the holidays are quickly approaching and I have no where to put anything!!  We are going to try to get our basement somewhat finished shortly after Christmas (so we have a place to put Grady's gifts).  Next weekend my dad and Jesse are going to be cutting the crawl space hole a little bigger so that it is easier to get in and so hopefully we can put more stuff in there. 
Balloon chasing..he loves "boons"

 So Saturday morning we woke up and had some breakfast and did a quick clean of the house.  Ashley, Matt, & Bella stayed with us Saturday night so I wanted to make sure they had clean towels and sheets to sleep on.  After a quick clean we headed up to the square for the annual Costume Party & Parade. It was fun to see all the kids dressed up and quite a few people showed up.  I love that Indianola does this for the community as it is always a fun time.  We headed home to have lunch and to put Grady down for a nap.  Once he was down I headed to Des Moines to grab a few things for the baptism.  When I got back I took Grady down to Hy-Vee for some more trick or treating. We saw Olaf from Frozen and Mike from Monster's Inc.  Grady wasn't too thrilled to be held by Olaf (picture below and I hope this isn't any indication of what meeting Santa is going to be like).  He was okay with Mike as long as I held him.  It was beautiful on Saturday evening so we sat outside on the deck for Grady's snack time and played in the leaves.  Saturday night was full of laughter and catching up with the Wolf's (Tom, Carla, Ashley, Matt, Bella).  Chris ended up coming down late Saturday night as he had a wedding to attend.  Side note: we received sad news this morning that Bella passed away last night.  We feel for the Wolf family as Jesse and I had to put our Roxy down when she was 2.5 years old.  It isn't easy as these "pets" (children) become a part of your family and you put so much love and work into them.  Ashley and Matt were great parents and took great care of Bella and she will be missed by all.  It makes me so happy that the Wolf's could make it down for Grady's baptism; they all have busy lives and live 4 hours away but they made it.  It means so much to have such a close family!
he had to get his fruit loops!
Sunday was an early morning but we made it to church on time!! Grady did great during the baptism and played in the nursery afterwards.  Jesse and I are so lucky to have family that support us in everything that we do.  As a family we filled up two pews!!  We headed back to Lukenbill's for brunch and pictures.  Grady ate some cake (he made up for his 1st birthday) and played with his new gifts that he received. 
Grady w/ his godparents

mom...i want cake!!
 Have a great Monday!