Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Finding Time....

I know...I know...I've been absent for about the last week.  Things have been busy, Grady has been sick and I have had some serious arthritis pain and could hardly type let alone think!!  So here I am...back at it!!  Last Friday when I woke Grady up in the morning I could tell that he didn't feel that well.  We got him up and he didn't eat any breakfast, I checked his temp and it was normal so I took him to daycare and I headed to work.  I got a call around 11:30 am that he had a temp so I went and picked him up.  I was going to get him some lunch, put him down for a nap and my dad was going to listen for him while I went back to work.  I was home about 30 minutes and picked Grady up to take him up to bed when he threw up a little on me.  I handed him to my dad so I could go change when he threw up again..EVERYWHERE!  It was disgusting and smelly!  I ran upstairs to change and my dad was working on getting Grady in the sink to take a 'baff'.  We got everything cleaned up, laundry started, and I headed back to work real quick to finish a few things and lock up my office.  I didn't want to leave Grady since he had been throwing up.  So Grady laid on the couch and fell asleep while my dad sat next to him.  When I got home I put him to bed and he slept until 4:15 pm.  Once he woke up he still had a fever so we went to the clinic and guess what?  He has another ear infection.  He lost one of his tubes about a month ago and his other one is no longer working.  This is our second ear infection in the last month and I'm hoping the last.  He is now on some medicine and is still taking motrin for pain and his fever and seems to be feeling a little better. 
Saturday morning we all slept in until about 9:00 am and grabbed some breakfast and headed to West Des Moines to look at what kind of flooring we wanted for the basement.  Jesse was dead set on the fact that he didn't want any carpet downstairs.  He wanted to do a laminate hardwood but I wanted carpet for the fact that it would make the basement more cozy and warmer.  We went to look at the laminate and the kind that we wanted was going to be pricey but that is what Jesse wanted.  We went to lunch and talked about it some more and just told him that we should look into other options and talked about how much time/work it would take to install the laminate and what if our basement (God forbid) ever flooded?  He decided to be open-minded and we looked at carpet.  Carpet is half the cost and we can install it pretty quickly, so Jesse decided this would be our best option.  We didn't get home from West Des Moines until about 2:30 pm and put Grady down for a nap right away.  We started on the basement again by re-organizing the crawl space and trying to get things moved out of the basement that were no longer needed and picked up any scraps of drywall.  We finally got Grady up at 6:00 pm and headed to dinner and some much needed drinks.  We got done at dinner and headed to my parents so that I could sit in the hot tub and so that we could have another drink (drinks are expensive at restaurants!).  I knew that I would be sore on Sunday because all of the climbing and squatting I did in the crawl space.  Sunday morning I woke up and could barely move.  I was sore from all the work done on Saturday but I was also arthritis sore (not a good combo).  We started working on the basement again Sunday after Grady went down for a nap and as long as I kept moving I was somewhat okay.  By Sunday night I could barely move at all.  I didn't have any prednisone on hand so I took some Tylenol arthritis and hoped that this one time it would help (news didn't).  Sunday night I had a very long night as I couldn't get comfortable and I hurt so bad that I couldn't move. 
Monday morning came and I woke up very stiff and very sore everywhere.  It took a lot for me to make it the 10 steps to our bathroom.  Jesse had to take care of Grady as it took me 10 minutes to get down the stairs.  I finally made it to the couch and called into work to tell them I probably wouldn't be in.  I called the pharmacy right when it opened so that they could get to work on my prednisone refill and had my dad go up to get it.  I took a very high dose (40 mg) because that pain was unbearable and sat on the couch for about 4 hours before I could actually somewhat hobble/limp around.  I decided I should probably go into work since I missed a half day on Friday and would be missing a half day this Friday as well.  The bad thing about being on such a high dose of prednisone (besides weight gain and moodiness) is that things sort of become a fog.  I tend to get very light headed and dizzy and really out of it.  But I have tapered down since Monday and only took 10 mg today so hopefully I won't be as foggy today! 
So needless to say the last week has been busy full of sickness!  I'm ready for SPRING!!  We are going to Minnesota this weekend to the waterpark and will hopefully have a relaxing time.  I'm not excited for the drive but I think Grady will have so much fun.  I'll probably take WAY to many pictures so expect a picture overload on Monday.  I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has come and gone and Grady had a great day.  Thursday night we went to Brick House for a V-Day dinner.  Jesse and I usually go out to dinner and a movie for V-Day but we didn't want to fight the crowds this year and we were working on our basement.  So Thursday night we went out for a family dinner.  Since Grady was about 10 months old we haven't been able to really go out to dinner.  He absolutely HATES sitting in high chairs at restaurants.  So recently if we do go out we make sure we get a booth and he does great.  Does anyone else have issues with their kids not wanting to sit in high chairs?
Saturday morning came and I got up early to run and grab breakfast from a bakery in town called Mish Mash.  She made our reveal cake when we had our reveal party for Grady.  I ended up ordering some cheesy biscuits, sugar cookies, and some donuts.  They were all a hit!  Grady finally work up around 8:45 am and came down to see what was in his Valentine's bucket.  He was so surprised that he had a 'Fafa' (Olaf) balloon attached to his bucket.  He also got some V-Day books, Reese's peanut butter cups, tape measure, and a new tool kit (which he LOVES)!  He had such a good day and handed out Valentine's when people came over.  He has been playing with his tools since he got them and he likes to fill up the case and walk around with it.  Anytime he puts anything into the case he says 'nigh-night' tools.  Love it!  Scooter and Ashlyn came over Saturday night and hung out with Grady for a while.  Grady loves Scooter and loves to play with him!  We watched Monster's Inc and had a nice relaxing night!
So overall we had a great day.  Jesse and I started dating 14 years ago on Valentine's Day so it always holds a special place to us as well.  Maybe after the basement is done we can go on a date to celebrate...just the two of us!

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2015

5 on Friday: Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Eve!  I love Valentine's Day...I love the hearts, the red and pink, and just all the love.  Jesse's officially asked me out on Valentine's Day 2001...meaning we have been together for 14 years!  CRAZY!!   I also love V-Day because it's another reason for me to buy my little Valentine something and a reason to pick out a card (I LOVE CARDS)! Today I will share with you a few of Grady's gifts that he will be getting for V-Day!

1. BOSCH Tool Set: So Grady is OBSESSED with his Bampa's tools and with all the construction going on at our house we have tools everywhere.  So we decided to get him his own tool set with a working drill and I also ordered him his own tape measure.
2.  Valentine's Books: I love switching out books for the different holidays and I want Grady to enjoy reading so we have TONS of books!  And I bought him quite a few for Valentine's Day! (Here are a couple that I got him)
Funny Valentine (Splat the Cat Series) 

3. V-Day Bucket: So I ordered him a personalized VDAY bucket from monkeyseeboutique on Etsy.  I have purchased an Easter one and a Halloween one and will probably order more in the future.  I LOVE them and can fit so much into the buckets and they look great and are festive!

4. V-Day Breakfast: So I ordered a few treats for us to have for breakfast tomorrow morning from a local bakery.  We are going to have V-Day donuts, cheesy biscuits, and frosted sugar cookies!

5. Candy:  What would V-Day be without candy.  Grady LOVES marshmallows and Reese's peanut butter cups so his bucket will have a few of these items in there!

We have a busy weekend ahead with working on the basement and I'm going to go see 50 Shades with my Shelby and her sister!  Hope you all have a great weekend!



Thursday, February 12, 2015

19 Months Old

Grady is 19 months old today and I can't believe it!  He is really starting to act more like a little boy and not so much my baby anymore.  He is becoming independent and he wants to do everything for himself, as he says 'I do'!  We had his official 18 month appointment last week (we are running a month behind) and he weighed 21 lbs 7.5 oz (12th percentile, still very small but moving at his own pace) and measured 30 3/4 inches (6th percentile).  Grady continues to stay on the low end of weight and length but our pediatrician isn't concerned.  She just says that he is small now but will probably hit a growth spurt at some point (he has been at the low end since his 1 month appointment).  He is very active and eats a TON! 
playing at the Dr.'s office
playing at the Dr.'s office
He is learning new words everyday and it repeating everything.  His favorite this to say is 'what's that' to everything that he sees and it's usually the first thing he says to me when I come into his room.  He has been sleeping very well at night and this last weekend he started yelling when he was ready to get up.  It went something like 'mom?', 'MOM?', MOOOOMMMMM?'!  Our monitor has the camera so I can see him and you can also talk to him.  So I pushed the button to tell him I would be there in a minute.  I think him hearing my scared him because he immediately looked around and covered his eyes... it was too funny!  He asks me every morning the names of the monster's in his room and he repeats Mike & Sulley....he thinks they are pretty cool.  He is still attached to his 'beebee' (binky) and always has a blanket, hat, or coat with a silk tag with him.  He still LOVES to vacuum and gets very excited when we get the big one out.  He will bring his little one and try to vacuum while I'm vacuuming.  Sometimes he acts like a puppy; meaning he crawls on all fours, eats like a puppy, and sits on his knees like a puppy.  It's so funny!
Grady? Can I take your picture? he runs and hides between my mom's legs!
He knows what outside is and points to it when he wants to go out.  It's hard for him to understand that it has been to cold to go out (we can't wait for Spring).  He loves to 'Go' (he says go then you are supposed to say 'Ready, Set, Go' and he either runs or jumps.  He does the same thing with 'free (three)').  He also loves to spin in circles!  He thinks it is so funny and then he falls down!  He LOVES to take 'baffs' and if you take off his shirt he automatically thinks he is getting one!  We started a Waterbabies II class at the Y this week, it wasn't happy at first but by the time we were done he was having a lot of fun.  I want him to enjoy the water and know what to do if he would happen to fall in.  We worked on jumps and he loved jumping into the water!  He won't put his head under yet but I'm sure he will soon!
His favorite foods right now include: blueberries (LOVE THEM), strawberry marshmallows, milk, spaghetti, and cheese.  I happened to buy blueberries on a whim (they were put in with a small pre-cut/washed container of strawberries from Hy-Vee) and he completely devoured them.  So when we stopped by the store a few days later a grabbed a small container of blueberries and he ate those in 1 day.  He calls them 'boo-erries' and prefers those to strawberries right now.   Anytime he has messy hands and if he spilled something he says 'uh-oh mass (mess)'!
He LOVES to take any of his push toys and run from one room to another and does this almost every night.  Don't stand in his way because he might take you out with one of them.  We've had to get after him a few times because he seems to think that he can run over Baloo as well!  He is definitely testing his boundaries and sometimes does things out of spite.  He is still doing really well with his manners saying 'sank you', 'cuse you', 'peas', and 'welcome'.  He is starting to recognize people in pictures.  He knows Scooter, Guncle, Bear, Baloo, and Daddy.  He hasn't quite figured out that the baby pictures are of him.  He just says baby. When I have my phone out of Jesse has his he usually grabs it and says 'cheese'.  He loves playing on the iPad (we limit his use) and has started enjoying a few cartoons.  He loves to climb so I can't wait to get the basement finished so we can get his indoor slide out so that he can climb on there instead of everything else!

He is growing to fast and turning into a little boy! His dad would say that he acts too much like mommy as he is strong willed, sensitive at times, and has a stubborn streak.  But he is the sweetest boy and we love him to the moon!  Happy 19 months sweet baby boy!  We are so proud to be your parents and wish you nothing but happiness.  Love you turkey!! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weekend Recap/Basement Update

The basement is finally taking shape and we are making tons of progress.  Jesse, my dad and Dustin worked hard this weekend on getting it ready and I'm so thankful.  Saturday they finished running electric and started insulating.  By the time Saturday night had arrived everything was wired and the insulation was about 1/3 of the way done.  While they worked on the basement my mom, Grady, and I cleaned the upstairs and played.  Once Grady went down for a nap my mom and I ran to Hobby Lobby and Gordman's to start looking for Easter baskets (they run out fast).  While at Hobby Lobby we found an Olaf (Fafa as Grady calls him) and a Dusty the Plane Easter basket; we grabbed them both as we knew they wouldn't last to long.  We headed home shortly after stopping by Gordman's as Grady woke up from his nap and the boys needed to continue on to the basement.  My mom and I grabbed Grady then headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and then ordered Casey's pizza for dinner.  Grady was wound for sound and I put him to bed around 9:00 pm but had to go in his room and rock him at 10:30 because he was still wide awake.  As I was in there he kept asking my 'what's that' about everything in his room.  He just recently started to figure out that the Monster's Inc characters have names and he loved to point out Mike & Sulley.  I love how he says it!
Sunday we were up and ready to go by 10 am.  Jesse and my dad got started and Dustin showed up a while later to start hanging the can lights.  While Dad and Dustin did the lighting Jesse went to town on insulation.  Mom and I kept Grady entertained and Grady even did an art project.  He had fun painting but didn't like to have paint on his hands or anywhere else!  He went down for a nap and the rest of us had lunch.  Dad, Jesse, and I finished cleaning up the basement and vacuuming (Grady helped) and we just relaxed the rest of Sunday evening.  We are officially ready for drywall so we will be heading to get that Friday night and we will start putting it up on Saturday.  I'm excited!!!