Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend...Post Fever

Grady was definitely feeling better by this weekend..which we are thankful.  He hasn't' had a fever since Thursday and woke up Friday with a temp of around 99.  He still stayed home from daycare because we wanted to give him an extra day of snuggles and lost of rest.  Friday night him and I went to get his haircut and went to Wal-Mart.  I think he was ready to get out of the house because he did great at getting his hair cut and sat in the cart the whole time we were at Wal-Mart.  We grabbed a pizza and headed home to veg out for the night.  Jesse watched basketball while Grady, Baloo, and I snuggled on the couch and watched Mouse before Grady's bedtime. 
Saturday we all slept in and woke up in great moods.  Grady was acting more like himself but we could tell that he still isn't 100%.  We made breakfast and played until I had to leave to go try on bridesmaid dresses.  Grady stayed home with daddy and Baloo while my mom and I headed to Newton.  We ended up finding and ordering our bridesmaids dresses so that is one more thing that can be crossed off the list.  When I got home we finished up a few things in the basement so hopefully we can get a few more places painted during this week then we will be ready for carpet by the weekend!!!  Saturday night we went and looked at John Deere tractors.  Grady LOVES tractors so my dad takes him out to the John Deere store here in town so Grady can look at them.  The look on his face when he sees then is priceless and so worth it!  We drove out to my brother's because he has a John Deere as well and Grady got to ride on hit...he was so excited and full of smiles.  We went to dinner at our local mexican restuarant and Grady did great.  At the end of the night they brought us adults watermelon shots and a chocolate milk with whip cream shop for Grady.  He LOVED it so much that he asked for another was too funny!!
Sunday we slept in again and Grady woke up very cranky.  Like one minute he was laughing the next minute screaming and crying.  We made it to nap time and I put him down and he was out like a light.  When he woke up he was in a much better mood.  Him and I headed to Hy-Vee to do some grocery shopping and to get stuff for dinner.  When we got home Grady helped make brownies and I started on dinner.  My in-laws come over for dinner and luckily Grady was still in a pretty good mood.  He stayed up a little later but went to bed and slept all night.
Baloo is ready for the basement to be done!
I'm hoping that getting back on a schedule will help him!  Tonight we are going to go see the Bunny (as Grady calls him).  Hopefully we can get a smile!  Hope you all have a great Monday!

Friday, March 27, 2015

5 On Friday: TGIF

What a week it has been and I'm so glad it's Friday!  Grady and I have both been sick this week and we still haven't recovered.  Grady has had a fever since Monday and I've had the worst cough EVER!  Hoping we will be on the mend this weekend! 
So here's my five things I'm looking forward to this weekend!

1. Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: we are looking at Bridesmaid dresses this weekend.  I'm hoping that we find one that Shelby likes with the color she wants and I hope that I can find one that will keep the 'girls' in and one that I feel comfortable in as my weight loss hasn't gone how I have wanted it to.

2.  Sleeping In:  I'm hoping that a day of sleeping in will do me some good.  The last few nights I have been up coughing (even though I took my cough medicine) so I haven't gotten much sleep.  Plus when you're a mom you tend to worry about your sick baby as well which doesn't allow me to get into a deep sleep.

3. Working on the basement: is this project over yet?  I was going to work on throughout the week but my dad hurt his back and we were all sick so we haven't made any progress.  I'm determined to finish the wainscoting this weekend...come hell or high water!

4. Easter Decorating: I have yet to decorate for Easter so I'm excited to get out a few things to spruce up the house!

5. Spring is around the corner: I'm excited for nice weather and to be outside more...being inside is killing me!

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Head on over to the blogs below to link up with them for 5 on Friday! 


Monday, March 23, 2015

Oh Monday...You've Come To Soon!

I don't like Mondays....AT ALL!!  I never sleep well on Sunday night because I'm always scared I won't get up for work, which leads to me being very tired, needing lots of coffee, and usually running out the door with a toddler screaming 'NO'!!  The joys of motherhood!

We had a busy weekend as usual.  Saturday we got up and started working on the basement.  There is light at the end of this very long tunnel!  I'm planning on working on it during the week so that by the time the weekend comes we can put the finishing touches on and get to working on installing carpet.  This basement project has been a long process but will be worth it in the long run.  If I'm able to finish the wainscoting this week then we will just have two more walls to paint and the pallet wall to finish on the wall going down the stairs.  Then we get to start the fun stuff of decorating!  Once this project is done we are going to take a little time off before starting our shed and landscaping the yard projects.  I swear we have a never ending project list!
he's peeking out the window to make sure the 'fan' is still there.  our neighbors have a small windmill in their yard and Gray is convinced it is a 'fan'

Sunday Jesse studied for a test (he's taking classes to get his master's..I'm so glad I got mine finished before Grady came along!) and his mom and I went shopping.  Grady is due for some summer clothes and I wanted to get his Easter outfit and shopping done.  We had a great time and Grady got his summer wardrobe and we finished his Easter shopping (I'll post his Easter gifts later this week).  By the time I got home Sunday we had dinner and headed to bed.  The last week or so Grady has been crying after I lay him down for bed.  He normally lays right down and doesn't make a peep until morning but this last week has been rough.  All this weekend I would lay him down and walk out his door and he would start screaming.  I would wait a few minutes (I can't do the whole cry it out thing) and then would go back in and rock him for about 20-30 minutes.  While I'm rocking him he usually has his head on my chest and is wide awake.  Finally after 30 or so minutes I lay him back down.  He still will get up and cry but he settles down very quickly after that.  
I hope you all have a great Monday!

Friday, March 20, 2015

5 on Friday: Spring Has Sprung

I'm so glad that it is Friday and the first day of Spring!!  I don't think it could get much better than that!!  So here's my five on Friday.

1.  First Day of Spring!  I'm so happy that the sun is shining until at least 7:00 pm.  We have had some very nice days here in Iowa and I hope that they continue.  Grady was able to play outside on his swing set this week and we were also able to take a few walks. 

 2.  Warm Weather!  My arthritis always seems to be much better in the warm weather so I'm definitely looking forward to it being warm all the time.  I'm ready to feel better and be able to exercise outside!

3.  Finishing the Basement!  OMG...we are so close!  Hopefully we get a lot done this weekend so that we can start laying carpet soon!  We are planning on working a whole day on Saturday so I hope we get done!  I'm ready to relax on the weekends and enjoy family time!

4.  EASTER! I'm so looking forward to decorating for Easter and to do some Easter shopping.  Grady is going to have so much fun this year doing an Easter Egg Hunt.  I'm also on the hunt for a cute outfit for my baby boy!!

5.  Eating Clean!  As most of you know I'm trying to loose weight.  The hard thing with loosing weight when you have RA is the inability to exercise some days.  Some days it is hard for me to walk so exercising is out of the question.  So when I can exercise I will but I also want to do better at eating.  We eat pretty well at home but I want to focus more on clean eating and fresh foods.  I've cut out pop and I allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning and will will drinking green tea and water.  I'm determined to not let my RA win!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scooter's Birthday Weekend

McCray Scooter Hohneke turned 18 on March 11th...I can't believe he is 18, makes me feel old!!  Since it is hard to take Grady to dinner we decided to stay home and grill and hang out.  We all really enjoy family time and Grady can usually keep up entertained! 

Scooter is 12 years younger than me and 19 years younger than Dustin (my older brother).  I had told my parents for years that I wanted a little brother and by the time I thought it would never happen they sat me down and told me that my wish came true. Oh were we in for a surprise with him!  He has been ornery since the day he was born but he also has a sensitive side!  Our life would be boring without him!
as you can see getting him to smile is more difficult than my 20 month old!
Funny Story: so as I mentioned above I told my parents for YEARS that I wanted a little brother they told me it wasn't going to happen.  So I'm 11 years old and my parents sit me down one night to tell me that my mom is 4 months pregnant.  Well come to find out later on that my mom had no idea she was pregnant.  She went to the Dr. for an appointment to get her tubes tied.  The Dr. came in and said that wasn't happening as she was 4 months pregnant!  She called my dad crying hysterically and sat in the Dr.'s office for two hours (LOL).  My dad was excited as was everyone else and my mom was just in shock.
I love the look on Grady's face as Scooter opens something that goes over his gun (as you can tell I have no idea with it is called)
Guncle you are unwrapping too slow...let me help!
So Happy 18th Birthday Little Brother!  I hope you had a wonderful day!!  We Love You!!! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Grady - 20 Months Old

Wow...I can't believe another month has gone by!  My baby boy turns 20 months old today and I'm in shock.  He is no longer a baby but a little boy and it breaks my heart!  He is developing and changing at a rapid rate and has learned so much in the last month.  He is on his 3rd ear infection since the end of January but other than that he has been doing great.  When I took him to the Dr. this last time for his ear infection he weighed 22 lbs (yes, he is a peanut and if you tell me he is small for his age I will punch you in the throat.  I'm sick of hearing about it!) and stood on the scale all by himself.  He didn't cry when the nurse listened to his heart and checked his pulse.  He's growing up!
He is learning that he has a voice and knows how to use it.  He likes to tell you 'no' and 'don't', along with 'I do'.  He is becoming very independent and wants to do everything on his own.  Now most things take twice the amount of time (but he is learning).  He hates to sit down in his high chair (I think it's the whole being restrained thing) so most mornings he sits in the chair and eats his 'mallows' (Lucky Charms) and drinks his milk while watching 'Mouse' (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) or Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  He requests to watch 'Mouse' ALL THE TIME!!  So we bought a few of the DVDs and can also stream via Netflix (thank god).  He also really enjoys the movie Cars, Planes, and Monster's Inc.  We don't want him to watch too much TV but it's nice that he can sit for a while and watch while Jesse and I make dinner or clean up the house.  He continues to love to play Peek-A-Boo Barn on my iPad and thinks that everyone else's iPads should have that game too!  Jesse says that Grady acts a lot like me in the fact that he is stubborn, hard headed, and wants to do everything on his own. 
watching 'Mouse'
 He is becoming very observant and likes to look around and wants to know what everything is.  If there is a loud noise he always assumes it is a 'bacuum' (vacuum).  He loves when he hears a plane.  He looks up in the sky and points and says 'pane' and then if it goes behind a cloud 'where it go'?  I think he is kind of confused as to why the moon is out in the morning but he is always looking for it.  He just discovered what a bird was by seeing one flying in the sky the other day.  'what's that'? he asked and I told him a bird and now he looks for birds in trees and in the sky. 

His favorite foods include: peanut butter, blueberries, strawberries, yogurt, and mandarin oranges.  He also loves chicken nuggets and likes to 'dip' his food.  He is doing great at drinking whole milk, water, and occasionally has juice.  He also does great at using his utensils (unless he is really hungry he uses his hand so he can shovel in faster).  He is still sleeping great during naps and bedtime and I'm waiting for him to figure out how to climb out of his crib.  He piles his blankets up and tries to step on them but isn't tall enough quite yet!  I think once he figures that out we are in trouble! 

We are really enjoying the weather right now and he loves to play outside.  Since Jesse has been out of town this week Grady and I have been eating dinner with my parents.  So when we get home I change and we grab his John Deere truck and head down the street.  He pushes his truck while Baloo and I walk behind is so cute!  I can't wait until it's nice all the time and he can play in the backyard on his swing set...I'm also anxious to get his other outside toys out and to take walks with his wagon.   
No, Bear is not snarling...he is smiling!  He gets really excited to see us and is so ugly it's CUTE!
He is 100% all boy and is very ornery but I wouldn't want it any other way.  One of my favorite things happened last night...I was putting him to bed and turned on his sound machine and his turtle (that projects stars on the ceiling) he laid his head on my shoulder and as I swayed back and forth I told him I loved him and he said 'loub you' over and over.  He was the sweetest thing ever and brought tears to my eyes. 

I can't believe my baby will be two years old in 4 short months.  Don't worry people....I've already started planning his second birthday - Jesse says I'm crazy, I say I'm organized!!!  Hope you have a great weekend...SCANDAL is on tonight!!  WOOOHOOO!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Basement Progress

OMG..we are SOOOOOO ready for the basement to be finished.  We have come a long way and I think we are on the downward slope to get it finished.  This last weekend we got up Saturday morning and headed to Menards and Lowes to get our remaining supplies.  We picked up some more paint, plumbing stuff, and the boards we needed to create the board and batten look.  Last week my dad was over mostly during the day applying texture and working on the inside corners of the walls.  He was able to get most of it finished and we were able to start painting when Grady went down for a nap Saturday afternoon.  We got it all painted (mom and I started on the white and dad and Jesse started on the grey since they were taller) while Baloo supervised so then we started on our board and batten.  We got a good start on that but we were done around 5:00 pm so we could relax the rest of the night. 
I help Bampa?
Grady 'painting'

a little snack time
Sunday I had to take Grady to the Dr. as he had been poking/pulling at his right ear and saying 'ow' or 'hurt'.  It was so pitiful.  So of course he has another ear infection.  The Dr. told us to bring him back when the medicine is gone so that they can check to see if the ear infection had cleared up to see where we need to go from there.  Obviously we are going to hear what the Dr. has to say but I don't really know what to do if they recommend tubes again.  Obviously I want to do what it best for Grady but I don't want him to have to have surgery if in 6 months he should be 'growing out of' the ear infection phase but I also don't want to be pumping antibiotics for the next 6 months either.  So I guess we will take it day by day and hear what the Dr. has to say.  So when we got back from the Dr. Grady had lunch and headed to bed.  My brother ended up showing up so the boys started working on plumbing while I finished up adding texture to the bottom half of the wall.  Dustin and my dad got our utility sink hooked up so our list of things to finish up include: putting in the toilet, building the small linen closet, repaint the bottom half of the walls, finish up the board and batten and trim work.  Once all that is finished we will be ready to lay carpet.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and cannot wait for it to be done.  I really think we are going to enjoy this space a lot as a family and Grady will have a great play area! 
Guncle's boy
So needless to say we had a crazy busy weekend but got a lot done!  Hopefully we can get the board and batten and trim work done this weekend!  I'm looking forward to post finished pictures!!!  Hope you all have a great week!