Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Hope you all had a great Easter.  We did....lots of family time with laughs, lots of food, and lots of fun.  I warned all of you last week that i may have gone overboard this year for Easter.  Grady is at such a fun age that I found so many things...I'll go lighter next year. (warning: picture OVERLOAD)
Saturday we went to a local Easter Egg Hunt and it was ridiculous!  There were so many people there but Grady got a few eggs and him and I got our face painted (well Grady got his arm).  He LOVED it and thought it was so cool.  When we got home he had to walk around and show everyone his rocket with was too cute!  Saturday night we grilled out at my parents and Grady stayed up WAY past his bedtime because he was playing with his uncles!

Sunday morning we woke up and Grady saw the Easter bunny came.  I got the look on his face when he saw his new was priceless!  He LOVES it and played with it for 45 minutes before I could coax him outside to look for eggs.  I told him to go look out the front door to see if there was anything out there....he ran back with his eyes so big and said 'EGGS'.  It was adorable!  He really liked running around the front yard and finding the eggs.
His face when he sees his workbench!
He couldn't run fast enough!

can't forget about the pup

We headed to my in-laws around 10:30 am for brunch and for Grady to open his gifts from the Easter bunny there.  He got a new lawn mower which he grabbed right away and was yelling 'LAWN MOWER...OPEN'...needless to say he wasn't patient!  He drove the lawn mower around and was stealing candy until we headed home around 1:00 pm so Grady could take a nap.
rocking with daddy waiting to eat brunch!
While Grady napped I went to my parents to help make dinner.  Grady headed down around 4:00 pm and got to open some more Easter baskets and have another Easter egg hunt.  It was beautiful out so we stayed outside to play for a bit!  I had my DSLR camera out and everytime Grady say it he would say 'mommy say cheese' meaning he wanted to have his picture taken! We ate an early dinner and relaxed afterwards.  Grady had too much candy and cookies and played hard so e went to bed at 8:00 pm last night but was up 3 times during the night (I'm guessing he was coming off his sugar high).

New Olaf Slippers
Rocking on mommy's moose that she had when she was his age and saying 'mommy say cheese'
I hope you all had an amazing day and got to celebrate with your loved ones!

Friday, April 3, 2015

5 on Friday: Easter Weekend

It's FRIDAY!!!!!  I'm so glad Friday is finally's been a long weke and I'm ready to somewhat relax!  Here's my five...make sure you link up with the ladies below!

I have to put this photo again of Grady and the bunny. He is OBSESSED with this picture.  He wants to look at it all the time and grabs it and says 'bunny'!  Even though he looks a little timid in this photo we got one of him smiling...and he actually somewhat liked the bunny!

1. Decorate Easter Eggs:  I haven't decorated Easter eggs in years and I'm very excited to do this little project with Grady (who is 20 months old).  It will probably be messy but it will be so much fun!

2.  Downhill Slide: We are on the downward slide of the basement project.  My dad has worked very hard during the week and we appreciate it so much. So we have some last minute painting/touching up to do and I need to finish my wood wall and then we will be ready for carpet!  I'm beyond excited and ready for this project to be over!  Sneak peek below of the gray walls with the white trim and board and batten look!
3.  Family Time: I enjoy holidays because we get to spend time with family and just relax.  Sunday morning we will go to church and then to my in-laws for a brunch.  We will then head home around 1 pm to put Grady down for a nap and then head to my parents for an early dinner around 4:30 pm.

4. Easter Egg Hunt:   They are having a Easter Egg drop (some balloons are going to drop about 10,000 eggs) at the balloon field on Saturday and I'm excited to take Grady!!

5. Spring Weather:  It's definitely been spring like this last week and I love it!  We are able to get outside and play and it has been so refreshing!
Hope you all have a great Easter Weekend.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Grady's Easter Basket

I'm going to admit it right now...I go overboard on EVERYTHING!  My husband tries to keep me in check with Christmas/Birthdays and well when any holiday comes around but I say 'Go Big or Go Home'...I get this from my grandma and my mother-in-law.  My grandma always loved to decorate and always made each holiday special.  My mother-in-law, Pam, always goes all out for all holidays and birthdays and well I do the same.  

So Grady's Easter pail is going to be over flowing this year and he is going to have TONS of eggs to find with little prizes in them!  So below are some things that Grady will be getting for Easter.  I've listed the big items below.  The Home Depot Tool Bench is from us, my in-laws, and my parents.  Grady is OBSESSED with tools and has been hammering everything in the house so we decided a tool bench would be a good idea.  I saw this JellyCat bunny on the Girl In The Red Shoes blog and also looked at the reviews and it typically got 5 stars so that was definitely an item to add to his bucket.  The Gap robe I think he is going to love.  He got a robe shortly after Christmas and loves it.  He will put it on after his bath and wear it around until before bed.  Well that one is a little small so I decided to order him a new one.  This one should last a while as it is a 2T.  I also picked up an Olaf Thermos cup. Grady loves to drink from straws so I thought this would be a good cup for him.  I also picked one up in the Mickey version (I might save that one for his birthday).  I got these HUGE easter eggs from Hobby Lobby that I'm going to fill with some other gifts.  I got him a new lovey that has the satin is like the one he got for Christmas but more neutral colors so we can put the Christmas one up for a while.  I also got some chalk, coloring books, small trucks/tractors, and his favorite Reese's peanut butter cups.  I'm so looking forward to his Easter egg hunt...I think he will have so much fun!

Home Depot Tool Bench

Jellycat Bunny

What are you getting your kids for Easter?

Have a great Thursday!  Here's a little throwback to last Easter!