Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weekend Recap

Last weekend was pretty busy and by the end of the weekend I had a major RA flare up. Saturday we got up and headed to Newton to get final measurements for our bridesmaids dresses.  My mom, Grady, and I then headed to Buckeye to see my Uncle Roger and Aunt Shirley and to put some flowers on the grave.  Grady LOVES tractors right now and gets very excited when we see them on the side of the road.  We ran into Iowa Falls first to grab a coffee and smoothie at the Coffee Attic and then ran into a few other stores to browse.  We grabbed some lunch and headed to the farm.
Uncle Roger has quite a few tractors and we knew Grady would LOVE it. We pulled into the farm and Uncle Roger had a John Deere tractor sitting outside...Grady's face was priceless.  He couldn't wait to get out of the car and kept saying 'out, out, out now!'  He immediately ran over to teh tractor and just kind of stared.  Roger let Grady get up in the tractor and his smile was so contagious... he just absolutely loved it!  We took him into the other 2 shops and Grady just started running around looking at all the tractors. He loved being out of the farm and I was just so happy that he gets to experience this even though my grandparents are gone.
We headed home around 3:00 pm and Grady fell asleep pretty quickly. By the time we got home Grady and I had to head to a graduation party (Jesse was out of town for a co-workers wedding).  We headed to the graduation and then back to my parents for dinner and so that Grady could run off some energy and play outside.  His Guncle Dustin taught him a new trick (I keep telling Dustin that payback is a 'B' and that he will have kids someday!).

Sunday morning I woke up to swollen fingers and ankle.  I couldn't bend my fingers so I called the on-call Rheumatologist to have him call me in some prednisone.  Since Jesse wasn't home I asked my parents to come over and help and so that someone could change Grady's diaper (since my right hand was inaccessible).  So needless to say we had a pretty uneventful Sunday and was spent just relaxing and waiting for my prednisone to kick in.  I'm feeling much better today and gave myself my Enbrel shot on Tuesday (it's getting easier to give myself a shot and only hurts for about 10 seconds).

This weekend we are planning to get started on our shed and do some yard work and spend some quality time with family.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  I had to post another video of Grady playing with Bear a few weeks cracks me up!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Little Boys & Farts

I knew that when we found out we were having a boy that I would get enjoy the life of a boy mom.  I was excited about it because I grew up with two brothers and I was a tom-boy growing up.  What I didn't realize is how young little boys start talking about farts and making fart noises and how funny they think it is!
So my side of the family isn't very modest and my Grandma Berndt always said 'when you gotta go you gotta go'.  So to put it point blank...if someone has to fart, they do.  Usually it's my little brother and he usually clears the room.  So Grady thinks farts are funny and when he farts now he says 'mommy, I fart' and then laughs.  Or he will also make fart noises and then laugh. It is so funny.

Sorry mom...this will probably embarrass you but I've been waiting too long to share this story!!

So about 8 months ago Grady and I were at my parents house just hanging out.  It was my mom, dad, Grady, and I and we were playing with Grady and his toys.  All of a sudden my mom farted.  Right after she farts Grady lifted his leg and let out a fart noise.  It was the funniest thing I have ever seen and we were all dying laughing because of it.  So to this day if you ask Grady 'what does grandma do?' fart noise (Grady making the fart noise himself).    

So Friday night my mom came down and grabbed Grady while Jesse and I cleaned the main level of our house.  Grady got home around 8:30 pm and we took him to bed shortly after.  I was upstairs rocking him when he says to me 'mommy I gas.'  'Grady you have gas?' 'yeah' 'Okay well then that's okay...if you have to fart just fart' 'fart butt' 'yes Grady your fart comes out your butt' 'grandma...fart noise' and then he laughs.  'yes grandma farts'.  I finally got him to settle down and put him to bed and went downstairs to share this with Jesse.

I wish I could have had it on video because it was too funny and he thought he was hilarious.  So I guess farting noises starts at any early age!

I hope you all have a great Monday!  Weekend recap tomorrow on the blog!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Grady - 22 Months

I know I just posted a 21 month update last week but wanted to share a few more stories and some words that Grady has been saying.  He's growing up too fast and I can't believe that I'm planning his second birthday that is in 2 short months!
Grady..can you take out your 'beebee' so that I can take a picture?  'yes..cheeeeeese'
So Monday morning I went in to Grady's room to wake him up.  I said 'Grady..time to get up'.  He rolls over and says 'no'.  'Come on Grady time to wake up buddy'.  'NO'.  So I proceed to tickle him.  'NO NO Mommy...don't tickle'.  I then mentioned that he needed to eat breakfast...that got him out of bed fast!
kisses for mommy
Getting him to eat lately has been hit or miss.  Some days he eats quite a bit and other days it's difficult to even get him to eat a bite of anything.  I haven't be able to get him to drink I've kind of given up.  We can't even get through a 1/2 gallon before it expires.  So he has been drinking a lot of water and some juice.  He LOVES 'loupe' (cantaloupe), 'ogurt' (yogurt), 'sauce' (apple sauce), and smoked chops.  Fixing a meal that is toddler friendly is proving to be very difficult!!
Now that the weather is nice Grady wants to be outside 24/7.  He loves to ride his battery powered four-wheeler and gator, and also loves his trike, swinging, and going down his slide.  Getting him to come inside is quite a treat and we are usually picking up a screaming/flailing toddler as we try not to drop him.
learning to drive his gator
He calls my dad 'bee-ba' now (he used to call him 'bampa'), my mom is either 'grandma' (with the focus on the 'r') or 'mee-maw'.  He calls my mother-in-law 'grandma' (with the focus on the 'r'), and my father-in-law is still 'papa'.  He refers to his uncles as 'guncles' still but likes to add Dustin's name to the end of guncle.
helping 'bee-ba' plant flowers
Grady loves to look at photos of himself and say either Grady or Baby-Grady.  He is becoming very independent and wants to do everything on him own saying 'Grady do it' 'I DO'.  He has been throwing lots of fits lately, mostly about not getting his way or getting what he wants.  He does a good job of picking up toys when asked or putting things 'nigh night'.
Yesterday when I picked him up from daycare we were walking to the car and he said, 'mommy, I hot.  Turn on air'.  If he is getting in trouble or wants something he will say 'daddy give hug'.  He thinks that if he gives a person a hug he is going to get away with something or get what he wants. Last night Jesse was mowing and Grady wanted to see him.  I told him 'no' and that he would have to wait until his dad is done mowing.  Of course a few minutes later he comes to me and says 'give daddy a hug' (smart little booger).
where's grady?
The basement has been finished and Grady has been enjoying his time down there.  If it's rainy or too chilly outside we head to the basement where Grady can play with his tools or play on his slide.  I'm glad we have that extra space to let him run off some energy!

I can't believe that in two months I will have a 2 year old.  I'm excited to plan his birthday party (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme) and for the things to come.  I'm sad that he isn't my baby anymore but a how time flies!
Gap baby!
 Hope you all have a great week.  Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

RA Update & Mother's Day

I mentioned about 2 weeks ago that I started taking Enbrel (which is a self-injected medicine used for RA).  So 2 weeks ago I went to the Dr. and she showed me how to administer the shot to myself.  At the time it was still cold so it stung quite a bit but only for about 15 seconds.  I felt immediate relief.  That weekend I was doing things I hadn't done in a long time and realized how RA has been affecting my every day life of being a mom and a wife.  I loved how I was feeling and went on walks just about every night that week!  I felt great!

The following Friday I couldn't take my Enbrel because I had strep throat (my Dr. stated that if I had an infection then I shouldn't take my Enbrel that week).  So I was off it until I was done with my medicine.  I could tell that I hadn't taken my Enbrel in over a week as my symptoms were starting to come back.  I also developed a rash 10 days after my first injection, which is one of the side effects.  It went away after about 3 days.  So this morning I was finally able to take my second dose of Enbrel.  I've been feeling pretty stiff and low energy so I'm hoping that Enbrel will help just as quickly as it did a few weeks ago.

Actually giving myself the shot was a little difficult.  I was going to do it yesterday but chickened out every time that I tried.  This morning I finally gained the courage to do and kept telling myself that it will make me feel better.  It didn't hurt much at all so I think I'll be okay going forward.  My Dr. and I chose Enbrel because I haven't tried a biologic yet before and I wanted to be on something to where when we decide to expand our family I wouldn't have to worry about being off it for at least 3 months..which is what has to happen when you are on methotrexate.  So I'm hoping for a good week and hoping to get some more exercise in.

On to more exciting things such as Mother's Day.  We slept in a little on Sunday and I headed to my parents around 9:00 am to start on our breakfast that I was making.  I found a recipe on Pinterest and it turned out pretty good.  Basically you cut up biscuits put it in the bottom of an 8x8 pan,  put your meat on top (we did one ham, one bacon, one sausage), then whisk together 6 eggs and 2/3 cup of milk.  Then pour this on top of the biscuits and meat.  Next up you add your cheese then pop it into the oven (425 degrees) for 45 minutes.  We headed home to put Grady down for a nap and Jesse studied while I relaxed for a while.  We went to my in-laws for dinner around 5:00 pm and Grady played with his cousins and ate really well for dinner.  Overall I had a low-key weekend and I enjoyed it!
Hope you all had a great weekend and Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Grady - 21 Update

Grady turned 21 months old on April 12th (I'm a little behind).  As I say each month I can't believe how fast time has gone and I can't believe how much he is changing and learning. He is becoming his own person and becoming more independent.  I love the age that he is at (even though I say that every time too) but he is communicating and playing and his hugs and kisses are the best!
We are seeing more of Grady's personality come out everday.  He is daring yet careful, ornery yet loving, and just a ball of energy.  If he doesn't get his own way he tends to throw a fit...this fit could last 2 seconds or 20 minutes.  When he gets in trouble he has to sit in timeout. He knows where his timeout spot is and I don't put him in there too long just long enough for him to calm down and without me prompting he will say in the sweetest voice 'sorry'.  It melts my heart and Jesse says I'm a softie.  

He LOVES to sing Old McDonald and I love listening to him is the cutest thing ever.  I finally caught it on camera so have a listen below!

Grady really loves to play outside and we are so happy that the weather is finally nice and he can play.  He enjoys playing with his trucks/tractors and he also loves pushing his lawn mower.  I have a feeling that we will be outside A LOT this spring and summer!

We have been having a really hard time getting Grady to drink his milk lately so he has been drinking a lot of water or 'juice'.  His juice is water and a little flavoring (crystal light squirt ins).  Grady still loves his 'booberries' (blueberries) and strawberries.  He also really likes 'canloupe' (cantaloupe).  He still loves his cheese and has been eating more eggs and had a few bites of a hamburger and smoked chop the other night.  We started buying the Chobani kids yogurt (Grady calls it 'ogurt') that are in the squeezable pouches and he loves them and it's less mess for us to clean up (which I love).

Grady's continues to sleep very well during nap time and during the night. The only time he really wakes up is if he loses his 'beebee' (binky) or if he is sick.  I think we are going to have to convert to a toddler bed this weekend.  He has been piling his blankets in the corner the last 2 weeks and trying to get out.  Luckily each time he has tried I have caught him and told him no but this morning opened my eyes when he had his foot all the way over the rail and was almost out.  If you have any suggestions on how to make a smooth transition I'll take anything!  

His favorite toys right now include his workbench that he got for Easter.  He plays with it every night!  He also loves his lawn mower, his 'bacuum' (vacuum), and still runs through the house pushing one of his trucks.  He gives kisses and hugs and I can't get enough of them.  At night before bed he turns on his sound machine and I turn on his stars and he puts his head on my shoulder while I rock back and forth.  He then wraps his arms around my neck and I almost want to cry every time because it is such a sweet moment and he is such a sweet little boy.  I can't believe that I get to be his mommy...time needs to slow down, I'm not ready for him to grow up. are the sweetest, orneriest, cutest little boy I know.  I love you to the moon!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Basement is...FINISHED!!!

Wow!  I have definitely been slacking on the blog front but I'm back and happy to say that we are FINISHED with the basement!!!!!!

I have been waiting months to post the title of my blog post!! We have moved some of Grady's toys downstairs and he LOVES IT (so does Baloo).  A special shout out to my parents, husband, and brother Dustin for all their help.  A special special thanks to my dad who did the brunt of the work and even came over during the day to work on it.  We appreciate it so much!!  Also thanks to my mom for not suing us as the basement and her did not get along well.  She fell down the stairs (that's another blog post it was funny and scary) and got a nail through her hand.. but she came out alive and well (thank god).  Another thanks to my mother-in-law and father-in-law for helping us get furniture.  Now it's time to enjoy it!

The last few weekends we worked very hard to get the basement finished.  We were all tired of this long drawn out project and I'm just ready to decorate (my favorite thing to do).  Last weekend my body felt amazing this and I was able to get up and down off the floor without any issues which is a win-win in my book.  I started taking Enbrel last Friday and (fingers crossed) it's working.  Last weekend we got the carpet laid and all of the quarter round down.  Sunday after Grady went down for a nap, my dad caulked and Jesse and I started bringing down a few toys and put together.  Grady's Step 2 Sports Climber  has been in the crawl space since Christmas and he was excited to see it once he woke up from his nap.   He was so excited to run in such an open space and loved seeing his toys he hadn't seen in months.  He probably went up and down that slide a million times screaming 'AGAIN, AGAIN'.

This weekend we got our furniture and the TV mounted.  All that's left to do is decorate.  Grady loves being in the basement to play and run and Baloo loves it because it's so much cooler down there.  We are so happy that it is done and glad we have another space to enjoy!  Here are some pictures below!
Studs are up
choosing a paint color
Baloo was ready for this project to be done!
Be-Ba and Grady waiting at Home Depot

Carpet is down!
Grady helping Be-Ba with the quarter round!    
entertainment center 
recliner (it's grey in color)
At Homemakers in the big chair!
enjoying the basement for the first time!
He was 'fixing' his slide!