Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Funny Things My Toddler Says...

Does anyone else think that their toddler is the funniest person they have ever met?  Gene Gene (as I call him) is the funniest person ever.  I laugh every day as he is so goofy, sarcastic (without even trying), and just plain funny.

Jesse and I were dying laughing yeserday morning as Grady called me 'shiney'.  I have no idea what it means or where he got it from but I asked him to get some ice to put in his cup for the protein shake (that he had to have this morning). With his high pitched voice that he does sometimes say 'okay shiney'.  He proceeded to call me 'shiney' the rest of the morning.  Jesse and I looked at each other and immediately started laughing!
I love when he gets really excited and comes running to tell you a story about what just happened.  His eyes get really big for a minute then he scrunches them and he fumbles his words and by the end of the story he is laughing.  He thinks whatever he said was hilarious while my husband and I just look at each other not understanding a word that was said!
One night Grady and I were sitting at the breakfast bar and he blurts out, 'mommy I not in charge'.  Okay Grady...who is in charge?  'Dinana' (Diana his babysitter). Yes buddy you are right.  When you are at Dinana's she is in charge.  Who is in charge at home?  'mommy'.  Is daddy in charge?  'ummmm....(and a moment of silence) yes'.  Is Boo-boo (Baloo) in charge?  'no..Boo-boo not in charge'.
This last weekend I had told Grady 'no no' for throwing toys.  About 10 minutes later he comes up to me and says, 'mommy you no tell me no-no'.

'Can we go down to the spacement (basement) to play with toys?'

'Mommy...furmellows!!!!(marshmallows)'  I have NO IDEA why he calls them 'furmellows' but he does and I think it is so funny!!

If he hears a noise he will come up to you are say. 'whats that noisey?'

He still tells me to 'go up the hell (hill)'

If a room is messy he will say 'what's this massy'.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.  Have a great long weekend!

Monday, November 23, 2015

As Holiday's Approach

I've found that the last few months it has been hard for me to put my thoughts into words and explain how I'm feeling/doing.  I bounce around from one thought to another and can't seem to stay focused on one topic, so I haven't been writing.  So I'm sorry if this post is jumbled but I'm putting all my thoughts about the upcoming holidays into one post.
I've found that I can keep myself together during the week because I don't have a lot of time to think about things.  I'm busy from sunup to sundown between getting ready for work, working, getting Grady ready, picking him up, dinner, bath, playtime, laundry, etc.  It's when the weekends hit and I have a minute to think is when I breakdown.  This weekend I stepped out of the shower and had an immediate flashback to the morning my mom passed away.  Everything was so vivid and no detail was left out.  I immediately lost it and let myself cry for about five minutes before I could get my composure back. Before going downstairs I made sure you couldn't tell I was crying.  I think that it scares Grady when he sees me crying so I try not to breakdown in front of him.  We talk to Grady a lot of my mom and show him pictures, tell him she is in Heaven and that we will see her again some day.

The holidays are quickly approaching and as I think about Thanksgiving this week, my 30th birthday next week, and Christmas a few weeks later I feel a pit in my stomach.  I'm sad that I will soon be decorating without my mom, shopping without my mom, pictures without my mom.  It hurts to know that Grady won't get to spend Christmas with her this year.  I do really believe that she will be there in spirit but that isn't enough for me this year.

Every Thanksgiving my mom and I would split a bottle of Moscato Di'Asti while she would sit and talk to my dad and I while we cooked (she wasn't a cook at ALL).  We would get to laughing and she would pee her pants which made us laugh even more.  I've never laughed with someone like I could laugh with my mom.  If we would get tired her and I would laugh at the stupidest stuff and my dad would look at us like we were crazy.

I wanted to celebrate my 30th with my mom by getting a manicure and pedicure, a little purse shopping, and dinner and a movie.  I wanted to hear her story of how my due date was October 31, 1985 but she didn't actually have me until December 2nd.  She would tell me this story every year about how they put her on pitocin a few weeks after my due date but then sent her home because the pitocin wouldn't work.  They when she went back to the Dr. in December the pitocin and she started pushing only to bite my dad because she was in pain; he end result being a c-section.  She said I came out with lots of hair and my bottom lip puckered out.

Sorry for my jumbled post with random thoughts and feelings.  Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween may be one of my favorite holidays.  I love all the colors and that my son gets so excited about it.  Grady was Mickey Mouse this year...which was a no surprise to anyone that knows him.  He is OBSESSED with 'Mouse' (as he calls it).  We got quite a few uses out of his costume this year as we went to Night Eyes at the Zoo, Beggars Night, and we went up town on Saturday and he got to wear his costume there.
In Iowa we do Beggars Night which is the 30th of October and that is when the kids go out and trick or treat.  Most people expect a joke to be told before you get your candy.  Yes, us Iowans have to work hard for our candy!  Grady enjoyed getting candy and would go to the door and scream, 'HELLLLOOO', 'trick treat', or 'my halloween'.  He said thank you 90% of the time and I was proud of him for that.  An older lady asked him if he had a joke...Jesse just stared at her like she was crazy, he's two lady, you're lucky enough if he says 'trick or treat'.  We went and had dinner together once we were done trick or treating.  Grady watched Paw Patrol while Jesse and I actually had a decent meal together without the high demands of a toddler!
I hope you all had a great Halloween!