Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Weekend Recap

It's been a while since I blogged and I hate that sometimes I get into a rut and don't write.  But I'm back and we have been SUPER BUSY!!

We recently started on adding to our deck and have been working on that for the last few horribly hot weeks.  We made some good progress this weekend as we are trying to get it done before Grady's birthday party on the 9th.  We have the big part of the deck done but we need to work on the little part and then get the railings up.  It looks great and we are so happy with it.  It has taken us longer than we anticipated because it has been so hot and there isn't any shade on us while we are working during the day; so we've been taking lots of breaks and drinking lots of water.  Not to mention we have a toddler to take care of while we are working too.  He has done GREAT entertaining himself and playing in the water while we work.  Grady will also 'help' us and it is so cute to watch!

While we've been working on the deck we have also been working on potty training with Grady.  This started two weekends ago and I just brought his potty outside to see if he would use it.  He started sitting on it but didn't go.  Jesse and I made a deal with him that if he went in the potty we would take him to Toys R Us for a special prize.   He told us once that he went potty and I went to look but he had filled his potty up with water (sometimes he's to smart for his own good)!  Well he never ended up going that weekend but he sat on the potty quite a few times so that was a start for us.  This last Sunday we did the same thing and brought the potty outside.  He tends to get embarrassed about it so he put him potty on our top deck where we couldn't see him; fifteen minutes after we brought the potty outside he comes running to us saying, 'I WENT POTTY!'  Of course because of what happened the weekend before we didn't believe him at first.  Sure enough I went over to look at he went POTTY!!  We hooped and hollered and told him how proud of him we were!  The first thing he said to us was, 'let's go to Toys R Us'!!  Since Sunday he has gone about half a dozen times in the potty.  It's a great start for him and we are so happy to finally be on this track and to get rid of diapers!  Last night he put underwear on when he got home from daycare and wore them around all night and didn't have one accident.  
This last Saturday we went to Buckeye Day; it was so hot and humid that we didn't end up staying that long and headed home shortly after lunch.  Of course we stopped and said Hi to Uncle Roger and Aunt Shirley and also stopped at the cemetery.  Grady asked me while at the cemetery if he could get Mee-maw a kiss.  It broke my heart that he has to kiss a headstone but I'm so thankful he remembers her and wants to give her love.  I miss her so much!  

I had a lot to do because Grady had his three year photos Sunday morning.  I took a few and I think the ones Emily got are going to be great!
This week we will continue to work on our deck and get ready for Grady's party coming up on the 9th.  I can't believe that my baby boy will be three!  Hope you all have a great week!