Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Tough Week

This week has been a tough one.  Some days it's really hard for me to accept the fact that my mom is gone.  I've had a busy several months and I think reality is finally catching up with me.  Grady had a rough day Monday and I immediately wanted to call my mom and talk to her about it.  It's nights like that where it hits my like a ton of bricks and completely shatters my heart.  I'm thankful that I have my dad here and my brother's but sometimes you just need your mom.

I have a Timehop app on my phone that I love but today showed a picture of the last text I received from my mom.  It makes me so sad and sometimes it's just really hard for me to keep it together.  My dad and I were eating lunch yesterday and happened to look outside and there were two cardinals sitting in his tree, that made me smile.  It's little things like that that keep me going and smiling but it sucks that sometimes I just feel like I'm sinking and it's hard to climb out and act happy.

I'm hoping that this week gets better but things just keep popping up and I just want to talk to my mom and I want her to answer back.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Grady: 3 Year Photos

Last night before we went to dinner for my mother-in-law's birthday we stopped by our photographer's house, Emily, and grabbed Grady's three year photos.  I'm so happy with them, as I am every time!  I can't wait to print a bunch of them.  I thought I would give my readers a preview before I post them on Facebook.  Below are some of my favorites!!


Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Grady: 3 Year Update

I can't believe my baby is three; WAHHHH!!!!  I've been happy one minute and sad that next because he is growing up so much.  He talks to me in full on conversations and remembers EVERYTHING!!! He had a great birthday and so much fun with his friends and when he woke up the other morning he said, 'it's my birthday, i'm free (and put his three fingers up).'
Lots of growing up has been happening with Grady these last few weeks.  We had been trying to potty train him for some time but he just wasn't interested so we let it go.  We had been working on our deck on the weekends so I brought his potty outside and we told him once Sunday that if he went pee in the potty that we would take him to Toys R Us.  That day he got really excited and said he went potty and I went to look but come to find out he just put water in the potty and said he went.  (clearly he really wanted to go to Toys R Us).  So that weekend was a bust and he didn't end up going at all.  The following weekend we did the same thing and finally around 4:00 pm on Sunday he went pee in the potty.  He was so excited that we went to Toys R Us right away.  After that he has been doing great!  He wears underwear during the day except for naps and night time and we haven't conquered pooping yet but I'm sure we will get there.  We have been telling him that if he wants to go to school in the fall then he has to go pee in the potty.
 Last week we went to the Dr. because when Grady become very naughty (over the top) I know that he isn't feeling well.  So I took him to the Dr. and when she asked me what was wrong with him my answer was, 'well, he's kind of being an ass and that's usually a sign that he is sick'.  She treated him for strep throat (his second within 6 weeks).  While we were at the Dr. he decided to throw his beebee in the garbage.  I warned him that he wouldn't be getting it back and he said okay.  So he has been going without his beebee for the last 2 weeks except for at night.  In the morning when he wakes up he has to put it under his pillow before he can get out of bed.  He's been doing pretty good without it.  A few days after he threw his beebee away he said to me, 'mommy, I need to tell you a secret,' "what Grady?" 'can you go find my bee?'  

This child of mine just talks and talks and talks; from sun up to sun down and I love it.  He says the most random things and remembers that craziest things from MONTHS ago!!  TYesterday morning on the way to my in-laws he was talking about the pool in Florida and how we rode on an airplane and how Bee-ba dropped us off at the airport.

I will have to say that he is very much a threenager.  He is very opinionated, sassy, and has a mind of his own.  His daddy says he's bossy like him mommy, Mee-maw, and Grandma Berndt (it makes me laugh to think of how bossy those two were; I'm glad he has some Wikert in him).  He tends to get in trouble a little bit more now and receives consequences for being naughty; but he's a sweet boy and comes running to say he's sorry.  He has a heart of gold and I love him so much!

He continues to LOVE fruit of any kind, he doesn't each much meat except for chicken nuggets, and really enjoys yogurt, cottage cheese, popcorn, cheese and he really likes 'top-tarts (pop tarts).  He drinks lots of water and apple juice but not much milk anymore. The other day we went through a drive through because we were in a hurry and I asked Grady if he wanted a sprite.  He said yes right away but then stopped and said, 'no mommy, I want a beer'.  OMG, I died laughing...the things he comes up with.  I keep a note on my iPhone to keep track of all the things Grady says and I love going back through and looking at them.

The other day we headed to my parents house because I needed my dad to fix something and Grady says, 'Bee-ba is a good fixer, he has lots of tools.'

Grady LOVES tractors (John Deere), he loves playing outside in the water or riding his 4-wheeler, bike, trike, or new tractor.  He loves his new water table he got for his birthday or playing on his swing set.  Our summer has been filled with being outside but I wouldn't want it any other way! He gives the best hugs ever and will 'squeeze your guts'!
While working on the deck our neighbors came outside and Grady yelled, 'Hi neighbor, HI!!  What are you doing neighbor?  I like your pool, I have one too but it's much smaller!'  So everyday when he sees our neighbors instead of using their name he says, 'Hi Neighbor!!'  We were also working on the deck and Grady was playing with a hammer trying to get some nails out of his wood and said, 'I'm going to bam that wood!'  While we were digging the holes for the deck Grady went up to his daddy and said, 'daddy, are you having a little problem?'
When I take him to Diana's (we aren't allowed to call it daycare per Grady's orders) in the morning he will sometimes yell, 'mommy, SLOOOWW DOOWWWN!!!'.  We were driving to have his three year pictures taken and we were coming up on a stop sign and hit some rumble strips and Grady asked, 'mommy, why are there scrabbles in the road?'  Jesse and I about peed ourselves.  I'm not sure where he came up with scrabbles but I love that he calls them that!!
I've been pretty sad about Grady growing up and turning three this year and I was telling him a few weeks ago that I didn't want him to grow up so fast and that I was probably going to cry on his birthday.  'mommy, don't cry on my birthday'  'mommy, I have to grow up so I can get bigger!'.  I just love my boy so much and am thankful that I get to be him mommy.  He is such a smart, sassy, sensitive, funny, little boy who makes us laugh everyday.  Grady Eugene, I love you to the moon!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Boy!

I can't believe I'm writing this post right now.  I have so many emotions about my little boy, yes I said boy, turning three years old.  I'm thrilled that we have a happy and healthy boy but sad about how fast time has gone.  Grady Eugene, mommy and daddy are so proud of you and love you so much.  Happy 3rd Birthday sweet boy!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Grady's 3rd Birthday Party: John Deere

This last weekend we celebrated Grady's birthday with a John Deere theme.  I didn't get to plan much last year because I had just lost my mom and wasn't really into it.  So this year I made up for it and didn't get any backlash from my husband!  I had so much fun planning this party and loved making some of the decorations and buying others.  Grady had a great time at his party and loved having people over and loved getting presents. Our child is spoiled to the core but he's only young once.  I told my husband and dad this last week that if there is something that I want my kids to remember when they are older is that we spent time with them but I want them to remember their birthdays.  Grady's birthday is something I will never forget and I will remember every single moment of those days and I want to celebrate that every year.  Grady changed our lives and I'm so thankful that he is mine and I get to be his mommy!
Grady got tons of Lego duplos, a new Radio Flyer trike, a pirate water table, some new games (which he loves to play already), movies, John Deere tractors, and so much more.  We surprised him at the end of the night with a new a John Deere ground loader tractor.  He has been saying that's what he wanted for his birthday for about six months now and was so excited when he saw it!  

Picture overload below!! 

Guncle Dustin brought his John Deere in for the party!
he was so excited to have some friends over to play at his party!
since Guncle Dustin loaded his tractor Grady had to load his on the trailer
mommy, are my eyes open?
Thank you again to everyone that came to help celebrate Grady.  It was a bittersweet day for me as my baby is getting older and time is going way to fast.  I really missed my mom a lot on Saturday as there is no other relationship quite like the one you have with your mom.