Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Son Turned Into A Threenager

OMG!  I don't know what has happened this last week but it has been BRUTAL!  I know my son isn't perfect and he has his moments but normally he is a pretty good toddler and uses his manners but this last week I don't even recognize this child.  He has been naughty, rude, and has just been pushing the limits.
He has been potty trained since around his birthday and this week has been a total mess.  He has gone potty in his pants a dozen times (at least) and could care less about it.  He started preschool last week and has a new routine so I'm hoping that is what's causing this regression.  I told him if he didn't start going in the potty I was going to go buy some diapers...he didn't like that idea.
He hasn't been listening at home hardly at all.  Throwing toys when he gets mad, slamming doors when he gets mad, saying 'NO' A LOT, and just using bad manners.  Now, I can tolerate him being ornery but I don't tolerate disrespect and naughtiness to well.  At one point on Saturday I was so frustrated with him I took him to my dad's house as I needed a break.
But Sunday my sweet boy had returned for most of the day. He was great until we stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond and he had one moment of bad manners. We were walking and another person was in the aisle that we were in.  Grady turned around and said, 'hey, watch it!'  I scolded him and told him we don't talk like that, he apologized and we moved on.
Yesterday and last night was pretty good and I'm hoping it will just be short term and getting used to his new schedule.  He told us as we were eating dinner last night that 'mommy, I'm being good!' and that the naughty Grady was outside.  One school nights he has been going to be right at 8:00 pm and his alarm goes off at 7:00 am.

Please tell me other parents have gone through the potty regression and complete naughtiness!!  I just have to remind myself that this will pass and is just a phase and I've been counting to 10 a lot in my head this last week!  Here's to a better week!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Grady: First Day of 3 Year Old Pre-K

Wow!  What an emotional week it has been.  Grady started his first day of three year old pre-school today and needless to say we both cried.  I'm happy that he is starting school because I think it will be great for him but it's makes me said because he is growing up and it's another event that my mom isn't here for.

We have been preparing him all summer but really started talking about it more these last few weeks.  Last week we went to orientation where we ate dinner and he got to meet his teacher.   This week we've had several accidents and he ended up having one at school.  I'm not sure if it's because off all the changes that are happening this week or if because he's getting sick but I'm hoping to turn it around soon!   

This week Jesse and I headed over to his school to attend the teacher meeting and so we were ready for today.  I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights in anticipation for Grady's first day and he ended up waking up in the middle of the night and having to sleep with me.  But he woke up in a great mood, had breakfast, and we were ready to head to school.  He was very excited taking pictures this morning and was ready to go but once we got inside he immediately put his walls up.  He started to grab onto Jesse and I and didn't want either of us to leave.  Finally, Jesse was able to leave the room and I tried to sneak out but wasn't quick enough.  Grady ended up grabbing onto my leg which made me almost lose it.  The teacher was able to come over and grab him and he must have done okay because we didn't get a phone call.  
The best part was picking him up and seeing the big smile on his face.  He said he had so much fun!  I'm so glad he came out smiling and I hope he continues to love school!

Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 Balloons

Last week was the National Balloon Classic.  We had planned on going out on Saturday but I got free tickets for Wednesday.  I had an MRI that day on my foot so by the time we got back it was around 6:30 pm and my dad and Jesse didn't want to go so Grady and I headed out for a mommy and son date night.  We had so much fun together.  Sometimes I just need that one-on-one time doing something fun with my little guy.  We ate dinner, waited in the long lines for Grady to jump on an inflatable or go down a slide, and watched the night glow.  Grady had so much fun and so did I.  Tons of pictures below!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weekend Fun: Fair, Parade, Train Ride

This last weekend was crazy busy but so much fun.  We started Friday off with my dad, Grady, and I going to the Warren County Fair.  Jesse HATES the fair so we left him home to hang out with Baloo while we enjoyed looking at the animals and riding rides.  This was the perfect age for Grady as he was tall enough to ride most of the kids rides and truly enjoyed it!  He rode the motorcycles and blow up slide by himself and I rode the carousel, the ferris wheel, and the big slide with him.  On the way home we stopped so he could ride a horse, he thought that was the funnest thing ever!
Sunday morning we got up and headed out to grab some breakfast as Mish Mash and went to the Balloon parade.  Grady got too much candy but loved watching the parade go by.  Once we were done with the parade we headed back home to take a little nap before Grady's surprise.
We woke him up from his nap a little early and told him we had a surprise for him.  When we pulled into the train station he said, 'WOW, look at all those trains!.'  He was very excited to go and look in the museum where they had a Thomas train table and other trains.  He saw a large train in a case and said to me, 'mommy, I don't have a big train like that.  I need one'.  I don't think so buddy!!  Once we were done at the museum we headed to the gift shop where we got Grady a conductors hat (he looked so adorable) and he played with some more trains while we waited to board the train.  Grady had a great time looking out the window and watching the scenery.  The train ride was about 1 hour and 45 minutes which was about 15 minutes too long for Grady but he did great!
when did my baby get to be so big? :( 
talking about the river
waiting to board the train!
my boys!

Sunday was kind of a relax day.  We picked up the house but mostly vegged out most of the day.  Grady got some new bubbles and helped his daddy wash his car.  We went to my dad's for dinner to watch the balloons but they didn't go up because it was too windy.

We had a great weekend and don't have much planned for the next one coming up.  Hope you all have a great week!