Monday, September 12, 2016

Minnesota Getaway

This past weekend we loaded up the car and headed for a long weekend in Minnesota.  Jesse's Aunt, Uncle, and cousins live up there and we had planned a weekend getaway earlier this summer but it just didn't work out so we finally found a weekend that worked for everyone and headed up there. Picture overload below!
We headed Thursday night and dropped Baloo off at the Pet resort and headed to Minnesota.  We stopped by Texas Roadhouse in Ames to grab some dinner (if you don't feed my husband and son they both become hangry) so I needed to fill them up.  Grady LOVED the butter at Texas Roadhouse and was licking it (which was disgusting) but he also ate his applesauce and mac & cheese.  He went potty, we started a movie for him, and he colored for about an hour before we had to stop again to go potty.  At one point I had to pull over on a exit ramp because a rest area wasn't for another 30 some miles.  So Grady got out and peed on the side of the road. And then he had an accident when we were about an hour outside of Woodbury.  So we ran into Target to grab some pull ups and Grady picked out some new PJ's to wear the rest of the way.  We finally made it to Matt & Ashley's house around 11:00 pm and some little boy was wound for sound.  Jesse and I unpacked the vehicle and I set up Grady's blow up mattress and I finally got him to sleep around 11:30 pm.
Grady was up bright and early Saturday Friday morning and we were at the Mall of America by the time it opened.  We started by getting coffee, a pumpkin shaped cookie and a smoothie for Grady before we headed to the Lego store.  Grady wasn't too impressed by the lego store so we didn't stay there too long.  We headed to the Disney store and Grady was fascinated.  He absolutely LOVED it and picked out a Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume and a Lightning McQueen semi.  He could've stayed in that store all day it we would have let him! We had lunch at the Hard Rock and then headed to Nickelodeon Universe so Grady could ride some rides.  He had SO MUCH fun and didn't want to leave.  I think when he gets older he will love going on roller coasters with Mommy.  Jesse went on a few rides with him as did I because he wasn't tall enough to do them on his own.
We headed back to Matt and Ashley's around 3:00 pm to grab a nap before going to Uncle Tom & Aunt Carla's.  Grady took a great nap (as did I) and we woke up around 5:30 pm and went to Tom & Carla's to have grilled pizzas and smore's on the bon fire.  Grady had so much fun swimming with Ashley, chasing Izzy and Chris & Brittany's new dog Piper, starting the fire with Chris, roasting 'smarshmellows, and riding Uncle Tom's John Deere tractor with the lights on at 9:30 pm.  While Grady was riding the John Deere with Tom they were like an inch away from the pool.  Needless to say, Grady was a little scared to drive after that.  We headed back to Matt & Ashley's so Grady could get some sleep before another busy day on Saturday.  

Saturday morning was another early morning with Grady (he doesn't sleep the best in new places). We woke up and sang Izzy Happy Birthday and then headed to the Como Zoo to see some animals.  Grady loved watching the animals and even got to feed the giraffe (he thought it was way cool).  He got to see some deer (antelope), a polar bear, monkeys, lions, and snakes.  We had a great time so for lunch we stopped by an old fashioned burger and malt restaurant called Snuffy's.  Everyone ordered a malt except for Grady (he was throwing a fit at the time).  He finally got into a better frame of mind and asked Jesse for a drink of his banana foster malt.  Well, Jesse had taken one drink and Grady took the rest.  At one point in all seriousness, Grady turned around and said, 'daddy, why didn't you order one?'  After lunch, Jesse, Grady, and I headed back to the house to rest before we headed to the Apple Orchard.  We had about an hour and Grady laid down for a while before we met Chrystal, Kevin, Luke, and Kelsey at the Apple Orchard.  Grady had a great time picking apples, playing on the playground, and hugging the animals!  After a few hours at the Apple Orchard Jesse headed to Chris's house to watch Iowa dominate the Cyclones while the girls and Matt stayed back to grill and watch Zootopia.
My Beeba can make this for me!
Sunday morning we all woke up said our goodbyes and headed to Tom & Carla's for a walk and some play time at a park.  Well Grady played for about a half hour and we headed back.  By the time we got back Ashley wanted to stop by again to say good-bye to Grady so we went on the back patio to sit and chat for a while.  Grady then decided that he should ride the tractor again and not put it near the pool!  So we stayed for a little while longer and finally headed home around 1:00 pm.  After stopping for lunch, potty breaks, and Petsmart to get Baloo a birthday present, we finally pulled into our driveway at 6:30 pm.  We all slept great last night!
Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week!