Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Halloween 2016

So it's been a while since I've blogged so I thought I would start with Halloween post and hopefully get caught up throughout this week!

Grady LOVED Halloween this year...we had a beautiful weather, not too cold or hot!  Grady was old enough to understand what he needed to do and for those of you that don't live in Iowa we trick or treat on Beggar's Night which is the 30th of October and we also have to tell a joke to get candy.  Since Grady doesn't know any jokes or couldn't really remember them he politely went up to each door, knocked, and said 'trick-or-treat'.  He did such a great job!
We ended up going with our niece and in my in-laws neighborhood this year so Grady would get done with one house and start running to the next house yelling 'NEXT HOUSE'.  He got to the point that he would stop and look the person in the eye and tell them thank you.  At one house he came running to me and said, 'mommy, they didn't look me in the eye'.  LOL...he cracks me up.  Grady got WAY too much candy but had so much fun being Buzz Lightyear.  He even got to trick or treat with a policeman, who was driving around giving candy.  Grady said trick or treat and then said, 'what do you got?'  He LOVED it and we still have some candy left over..I swear there is no bottom of the bucket!