Monday, December 4, 2017


It's been a ghost land over here for a while but it's with good reason.  We are happy to announce that we will be adding a new addition to our family in July.  We are excited, nervous, terrified, and also feel very blessed.  As most of you know wee lost our son at 21 weeks in June.  We had tons of tests done and everything came back normal/negative.  The Dr.'s chalked it up to bad luck so we are feeling optimistic about this pregnancy.  We pray every night and if you feel so inclined please pray for us during this pregnancy.

Grady is very excited to have a sibling...they will be almost five years apart.  My due date for this little baby is July 13, 2018 (one day after Grady's birthday; however, I'll have a c-section and will go about a week earlier).  Lots of changes coming to the Lukenbill family!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween Festivities

We had a busy Halloween season this year, lots to do meaning Grady got to wear his costume multiple times!  We had trick or treating at my office, dress up as a cowboy for school, HyVee had their annual trick or treat,  Indianola had their annual event on the square, we went to Night Eyes and finished the season with trick or treating on Beggar's Night.  

Trick or treating at my office was a great success.  It was the first year we did it and Grady had so much fun.  We took a tour of the production floor and Grady got to see what it takes to build/produce a volumetric mixer! He had so much fun and followed our CEO around (he later told me that they were best friends)! 

Grady got to dress up as a cowboy for school last Friday to celebrate their book fair.  He had so much fun!

Our next Halloween event was at the Indianola square.  It was chilly Saturday morning so we didn't' stay very long; but long enough for Grady to get some cotton candy, jump of some inflatables and get some candy.  

Sunday we went to the cemetery and then Night Eyes at the zoo.  We got to see a few animals but it ended up being a pretty nice day!
We ended our Halloween season with trick or treating on Beggar's Night.  We went to Papa's and went trick or treating on his block.  It was FREEZING and we made it about 45 minutes before Grady said he was done!  Grady did a great job using his manners...such a proud mommy!  Grady also got to open his Halloween bucket this last weekend and got some books, a new devotional for boys, and some Cars 3 minis that he has been wanting.  He got a new basketball from Beeba and he has been practicing every night.  My grandma and grandpa Hohneke gave Grady my dad's old trick or treat bucket he had when he was a kid....Grady thinks it's so cool to have that!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Family Photos...

The first year Grady was born, 2013, I decided to have family photos done of my side (my mom, dad, brothers, husband, son).  We went with a Hawkeye theme and they turned out great!  In 2014 we got super busy and the boys decided they didn't want photos so we didn't do it...biggest regret ever!  That would have been our last professional family photo with everyone in it.  Thankfully I make everyone take photos at Christmas and Easter so we do have some more with my mom but I won't go long without family photos anymore.  Anyways, two weekends ago we had some photos done by our great photography, Emily Kaldenberg.  I've known Emily since I was in second grade so she knows us well and knows the boys HATE pictures but always manages to get them to smile.  I love that she also captures candid shots that always make me laugh!  I'm so happy with the end results!  


forever my boy!