Monday, March 27, 2017

Another Surprise.....

Grady has another surprise to share!!  Baby#2 is set to arrive in late October...we are over the moon excited!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Grady Update - 3.5 Years Old

I haven't done a Grady update in quite a while so I thought I would update you all on the terrible three's.  My child was an angel during his two year old stage but when he turned three all hell broke loose.  Don't get me wrong, he's still a great kid but these last 7 months have been challenging to say the least.

He is still the funniest kid ever and makes us laugh on a daily basis.  I love that about him...he is so silly!  He favorite show to watch right now is Dinotrux which is a Netflix series; it combines dinosaurs and the use of tools (which Grady LOVES) that is his 'go-to' when he has had a good day or if he gets some extra screen time.

He LOVES tools and loves to take things apart and put them back together.  He also loves to tape things up so we have to hide the tape or he'll use a whole roll!!

Potty training continues to be a struggle.  This last week was s tough week.  We try to encourage him when he has a good day and we reward him but he also gets stuff taken away from him when he has accidents.  I really didn't think potty training would be this tough.  He wears underwear all day and is in a pull-up at night time. He sleeps so hard during the night I don't know when we will get him to transition to underwear at night...hoping in the next few months.

He still says the funniest things and some of the things he says are so sarcastic, it's hilarious.  My dad and I joke a lot that he has a lot of his Mee-maw and Grandma Berndt in him because he is a smart ass and is very bossy!  I so wish they were both here to watch him grow up! Some funny things that he has said recently include:

He was mad at his Uncle Scooter one day so he said, "mommy, I'm just going to benore (ignore) him."

As we were driving home one day after daycare he asked if we could stop by Beeba's house.  I told him, 'Beeba isnt' home hunny', "Bummer, mom!"

'mom, I guess your the boss!'

Grady, daddy has homework so let's let him work on that for a while. "daddy, do you need a color to do your homework?"  He also calls Jesse's textbook a Bible....LOL!

One random day, 'mommy, in Uncle Roger home?'  I'm not sure babe...'well text him!!'

One day after we stopped at Subway for lunch he asked, 'mommy, can you help me get the chip frosting off my fingers and face?'  I about peed my pants!
My child remembers EVERYTHING!!!  Even things that happened over a year ago.  He still remembers my mom and asks about her a lot.  The other day he said, 'mee-maw is in the clouds?  when can I go see her?'  He talked about how she went to heaven and someday he's going to go to heaven and see her again.  It breaks my heart but I'm so happy he still remembers her.

He still continues to call chap stick 'lips' and I secretly hope he always calls it that.  It is so cute!  'mommy, can I have some lips?'
What is Poop? book that he thinks is soooo funny!
Last weekend he was playing with Uncle Dustin and said 'your killing me smalls'.  Dustin about peed his pants!!

He also still calls a surprise a 'comprise'.  'I have a comprise for you!!'

I LOVE when he talks about riding his tractor on the 'honcrete' (concrete).  It's so darn funny!

He LOVES to ride things; his bike, tractor, 4-wheeler, and his gas powered 4-wheeler that he is finally big enough to ride!! Every night when he gets home he wants to go to Beeba's to ride it!
He is a pretty picky eater at home but does great at daycare.  He LOVES fruit and any kind of it.  Right now he is on a honeydew melon kick.  He had it at a restaurant and LOVES it now.  Last night I cut up two nectarines and he ate 3/4 of it (I had to steal the rest so I could have some)! He loves cottage cheese, and yogurt, and chicken fries, and pasta and recently has been eating cheerios in the morning for breakfast!  When we went to the Dr. last he was at 30 lbs and was 37 inches tall.  When he gets mad now he crosses his arms and walks away with a stomp...sometimes it's hard not to laugh! He has such an attitude! 

Sometimes I just stare at him wondering how lucky I got!  This last year he has definitely tried my patience but I love him so much.  I love that I can have conversations with him and love to watch him interact with other kids and play! He's really excited to go to Disney World and asks every day how many more days!!!