Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2 Years Ago...Life Changing Moment

Two years ago today my mom died...I don't think in the last two years I have actually said those words.  It's usually I lost my mom, she went to heaven, she's no longer with us....I've never said died.  It hurts to write those words and I absolutely HATE this day.  My life hasn't been the same since then and it never will be.  

I remember absolutely every detail from the time my dad called me on Saturday night the 30th to when the Dr. came out and told my dad and I that my mom didn't make it.  It was just my dad and I there at the hospital when she died.  We told Scooter, Dustin, and Shelby to go home and we would keep them updated.  It all happened so fast that none of them made was my dad and I waiting int he waiting room, praying that she would make it, but in my heart I knew she was gone when they wheeled her past us.  It's a day I wish I could forget but I can't...sometimes I won't think about it for a really long time and one day I will get a flashback and it hurts like hell...I wish I could forget.  

There are still days when I go to pick up the phone to call my mom and have to remind myself that I can't...she won't be on the other end to pick up.  But I will NEVER erase her number from my phone.  I often think about all that she has missed because SO much has happened the last two years.  Scooter graduated high school, Dustin got married, Grady has had two birthdays, my parents wedding anniversary, the announcement of Jesse and I having a second child, the reveal party, and so much more.  

I miss you mom, more than you'll ever know. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Disney World

We've been home from Disney for a few weeks now and we had a great time!  We did all four parks and Magic Kingdom twice.  Five parks in five days was exhausting but Grady had so much fun!  The weather was great in the mid 80's except for the last day we were in the park it was 94 degrees, so we didn't stay too long at the park as Grady just wanted to swim in the pool!

We left on a Saturday morning and didn't get to Orlando until about 5 pm.  By the time we rode the Magical Express from the airport to the hotel we were exhausted, so we grabbed dinner at the hotel and relaxed so we could gear up for our first day in the park on Sunday.

Sunday morning we slept in a little, grabbed some breakfast and headed to Epcot.  We started our day by riding a Nemo ride and seeing some fish in the aquarium, some dolphins, a diver, and Grady enjoyed the interactive Crush 'ride'.  We spent about 2 hours in that area and ventured off after that.  We had a tough day with Grady as far as following directions and listening that day.  I think he was so overwhelmed and wanted to do EVERYTHING and unfortunately Epcot really isn't that toddler friendly.  We ended finding a playground for Grady to play at while we rested our feet.  We saw a few characters but Grady wasn't too fond of standing in line waiting!  Grady made his first purchase at Epcot (a fan with water).  He grabbed lunch in one the countries and left at about 3:30 pm.  We got back to the hotel, swam for a while, grabbed some showers and headed to Disney Springs for the night for dinner.  We were all so hungry we stopped at a BBQ place that served quickly.  We ate and then went to the biggest Disney store I've ever been to.  Grady was in heaven and literally wanted one of everything! He picked out a few items, we stopped by the Lego store to check that out and Grady thought the Buzz Lightyear and Woody legos were so cool!  We also stopped by the T'Rex Build a Bear and Grady build his own T-Rex that he named, Tractor T-Rex.  We made the long haul back to wait for the bus and by the time we got back to the hotel we had walked 7 miles for the days...needless to say we were exhausted!

Monday morning we decided to sleep in again, (and when I say sleep in to us that's about 8:00 am).  We grabbed breakfast in our room and headed to Animal Kingdom for the day.  We had a great time at Animal Kingdom and their were lots of things for Grady to do.  We got to ride a couple of rides, he played forever in the large playground they had there, went on a safari and some some cool animals. We waited in line to see King Louie and Baloo and had so much fun just walking around and taking it all in.  Grady was so much better on Monday and he had a great time.  We grabbed lunch and rested our feet for a while and then headed back to the playground to run off some energy.  We left Animal Kingdom around 4:00 pm, headed back to the hotel to swim and relax and then back to Disney Springs for dinner.

Tuesday was Hollywood Studios day.  It was a pretty warm day but we had fun.  There weren't too many rides but we started the morning off with Disney Live...Grady had fun dancing.  Grady LOVES Star Wars even though he's never seen it and of course Star Wars was EVERYWHERE at Hollywood Studios.  So we stood in line to see BB8 and Grady thought that was so cool.  He also got to see the Storm troopers walk to the main stage and he thought was fun to watch.  He also watched some kids later in the day defeat Kylo Ren while using their light sabers! We stood in line to see Olaf(funny story, after we saw Olaf Grady stopped and gave him a kiss on one of his buttons...LOL), had fun in the Pixar area of Hollywood studios.  The Woody Ride with the lazer guns was our favorite ride!  We stood in line FOREVER to see Buzz and Woody... while Jesse stood in line Grady and I went out and walked around and hit the bathroom.  On the way back Grady got to see one of the Army men from the movie and took a picture wit him.  We had a good lunch and recharged and did a 3D Muppet movie.  Grady thought those were so funny and if something flew at you he would always ask, 'is that on the inside or outside'...LOL! The favorite of the day was the Indiana Jones stunt show..Grady still talks about it.  That was at the end of the day for us so we were tired but it was nice to be able to sit down and relax and watch some fun stunts.  We didn't leave Hollywood Studios until after 6 pm so we headed back to the hotel and had dinner their and just relaxed for the night! 

Wednesday was our first day at Magic Kingdom.  It was so amazing walking in their and seeing the HUGE castle.  Grady thought that was pretty amazing too but didn't understand why we couldn't walk up to the top of it! Grady and I rode the t-cups and Grady's first roller coaster, The Barnstormer. He loved it and I took video and at the end of the video he goes, 'that was amazing!'  Jesse doesn't do fast rides or roller coasters so mommy rides them with him and I LOVE them too!!  We saw a few characters and rode Dumbo, It's A Small World, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pans' Flight, and did Mickey's PhilharMagic.  We also got to watch the parade and Grady and I had a great spot to watch it! We also had our first Dole whip, Jesse and I loved it but we only got a few bites before Grady devoured it all!! We headed back to the hotel around 4 pm that day, swam, grabbed dinner, and then headed back to Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks.  It was so amazing being at the park at night and seeing it all lit up.  I LOVED it and the fireworks were GREAT!  We didn't get back to the hotel until 10:30 pm so we went to bed and decided we were going to take it easy on Thursday.

Thursday was our second day at Magic Kingdom and we didn't get there until around 10:30 am.  We decided to have a nice breakfast at the hotel and just kind of take our time.  When we got to the park it was already 90 degrees so we knew we weren't going to be there too long.  We rode Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin (we liked the one at Hollywood Studios better), rode the people mover, Grady and Jesse rode the Tomorrowland Speedway, and walked around for a while and our last ride was The Haunted Mansion.  We were all so hot by then that it was great to sit down on a ride...we left around 3:00 pm that day, swam for a few hours, and then back to Disney Springs for our last dinner.

Friday we weren't in a hurry because our flight didn't' leave until 1:30 pm and The Magical Express wasn't going to pick us up until 11:15 am.  We got up and around and packed our bags and then headed down for breakfast.  We dropped our bags off and didn't have to worry about them until we got to Des Moines.  That was so nice no having to worry about our bags.  Grady played for a while and then we headed to the airport.  My dad picked us up and we headed home to rest and sleep!  It was nice having the weekend to recoup and rest from our busy vacation.  Overall, we had a great time but Jesse and I both said that we wouldn't do 5 parks in 5 days again.  We were glad we did it this time because it helped us decide which parks were our favorite...Grady had TONS of fun and still talks about it all the time and he's already asking to go on a Disney Cruise...LOL!