About Me

Wife to Jesse, mommy to Grady and a furry pup Baloo.

I met my husband my freshman year of high school and the first time I saw him I knew I would marry him (crazy as it sounds).  We dated through high school and college before he FINALLY popped the question in June 2007.  We married the following October and went to St Lucia for our honeymoon.

We decided that we had been married long enough and wanted to finally start a family.  I found out at the end of October that we were indeed pregnant.  Grady's due date was July 5, 2013, he made his appearance on July 12, 2013 (I'll share my birth story later).  I was following a blog and found this really cute chalk board. I don't have as good of handwriting as her but it turned out and was really easy to make! (http://littlebabygarvin.blogspot.com/)
Baloo has an announcement (December 2012)
maternity photos June 2013
Right now we are enjoying being parents to our busy toddler and 3 year old aussie.